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I look and see a live photo of my church just staring back at me.. it makes me stop and reflect...,
I remember bringing my daughters to Sunday School... I can see them giggling because it had snowed out the day before Easter and they couldn’t have the Easter Egg hunt outdoors so Fr. Ed says, not to worry, the hunt will be in the church... Christ Church Live...

I can see the church full of people coming to Christmas Eve service and not one pew is empty and Mother Beth saying can you help me bring chairs over from the hall...Christ Church Live.....
I can see Mother Beth outside on a rainy Sunday Blessing of the Animals standing under an umbrella saying everyone bring your pet into the church and the kids giggling, this time it’s the grandkids laughing ...

Christ Church Live.....
I can see a Saturday evening candlelight service going on and two altar boys getting their candle wax all over the floor, yes my two grandsons and me telling Deacon Pat don’t worry they will be cleaning it all up after the service... Christ Church Live. I can see the love coming from my church family when I tell Fr. Al that my house burnt down and him asking what do you need, just tell me... and then he sets up meals for the Stasiowski family.... that meant so much to us and all the cards, gift-cards, telephone calls, and visits and all the wonderful food.... Thank you all...S.S.

Christ Church Live I see baptisms, I see burials, I see Christ Church Live

P S Go on-line to see it if you haven’t yet ... worth the trip.....

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Worship services will now be available on our webpage, and the Facebook page of the parish Christ Church | Facebook for the 10 am service.  

The Service Program with those in our Prayer List: Lent I 2021

Pre-consecrated Communion You may pick up pre-consecrated communion wafers in packages of 10 on Sundays 9:30-11:00 at church and available at the Parish House Office on Tuesday and Thursday 9am-3pm. Please keep the Communion Wafer/Body of Christ in a safe and respected place. 

Annual Meeting

Following the 10am Service
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Join us following the service for the annual meeting.

Here is a link to the Christ Church 2020 Annual Report.


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