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November 5, 2020

Why do people buy CDs?

Is it because they WANT to earn 0.80% in a 3-year CD,
or 1.00% in a 5-year CD?

No, it’s because they don’t want to LOSE any money, and in return for that guarantee of no-loss…they have to be willing to accept the all-time lows that we are seeing in CDs currently.

Wouldn’t your clients benefit from having that same guarantee of no-loss…AND a rate that is much more attractive than current CD rates?

We offer 3-year & 5-year fixed annuities that are double and triple the rate of similar CDs.

If your client has Non-Qualified money, we can offer them the additional benefit of tax-deferred growth in these annuities.

-Click here for the top 3-year rates
-Click here for the top 5-year rates

If you have clients that are considering purchasing a CD, you may want to give me a call.

Jason E. Lang,
Annuity Specialist
781.449.6800 ext. 237