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Annuity News for February 2011
What's New 


 Genworth Announces SPDA Rate Increase

Great news from Genworth - SPDA rates are increasing effective Wednesday, February 9th!


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    Lincoln Financial - Annuity Suitability Requirement

    Iowa has adopted the NAIC suitability in annuity transactions model regulation. The purpose of this regulation is to require insurers to establish a system to supervise recommendations and to set forth standards and procedures for recommendations to consumers that result in annuity transactions so that the insurance needs and financial objectives of consumers at the time of the transactions are appropriately addressed.   Click here to learn more.

    Genworth Financial companies - TLCA Suspended

    Effective February 7, 2011 the Genworth Financial companies will no longer accept new applications for its Total Living Coverage´┐Ż Annuity.

    Existing contract holders will experience no change - the terms and conditions of existing contracts will not change.  Click here to learn more.

    Transamerica - Annuity Products Withdrawal

    Transamerica has discontinued sales of fixed annuity products as of January 1, 2011. All fixed annuity products are being withdrawn from new business sales.  Click here for more information. 




    What's Hot


    Best of Fixed Annuities Snapshot  


    Click here to enlarge.  Updated as of 2/15/2011.



    Sales Ideas


    Are Fixed Annuity Sales Down?  Perhaps a Change of Approach is Needed 

    Published in February 2011 Issue of BrokerWorld Magazine.  Written by Laura Hahn 

    How many times have you asked your general agent or home office marketing rep about fixed annuities? Do you call them, asking for the best rate available? If so, I suspect you have heard this response more than once lately: "That's the best rate we have." Sound familiar? Read here. 

    If you are interested in receiving a FREE annual subscription please click here and complete the contact information.  We will "take it from there" and start your subscription as soon as possible.


    In the Market

    Fixed Annuities for High Net Worth Individuals

    Provided by American National


    Individuals spend years sacrificing and saving to build their net worth.  Such individuals are now finding their net worth under attack by the downturn in the markets.  The rules changed in the fall of 2008 and high net worth individuals are now looking for ways to fund retirement - without running out of money while protecting their net worth from loss.

    High Net Worth Individuals are looking for income and safety of principle.  The old adage that an investor is more concerned with the return of his principal than the return on his principal is more applicable now than ever before.

    Diversification of investments and investment media, safety of principal, limited market exposure are all part of the lexicon in which the high net worth individuals find themselves.  Insurance and annuities have always been a fundamental building block of personal financial planning but have been underutilized by the high net worth market. 

    Click here to see the complete article and reasons why fixed deferred annuities are an essential asset class for high net worth individuals.



    Let's Explore

    Could Fixed Annuities Be the "Perfect" Accumulation Vehicle?  

    Provided by American National


    What if you asked your clients this question: "Describe the features and benefits of your prefect accumulation vehicle."

    How would they answer? Which features listed below would they choose?

    For each of these features described below, the corresponding fixed annuity benefit is also listed. It may surprise you how well fixed annuities match up with your client's description of the perfect accumulation vehicle.

      I want to minimize my taxes.
    Fixed Annuities Offer:
    Tax Deferral - That means your  customers control when and how much they pay in taxes by controlling when and how much they withdraw from their fixed annuity.

    CLIENT SAYS:  I want a high yield on my money.
    Fixed Annuities Offer:
    Generally, a very attractive yield to your customers.

    CLIENT SAYS:  I want to have access to my money.
    Fixed Annuities Offer:
    Many ways for your customers to access their money.

      I want to make sure this money goes directly to my beneficiaries.
    Fixed Annuities Offer:
    A way to avoid the expense, delay and publicity of the probate process so that your customers' beneficiaries get their money right away.

    Could fixed annuities be the perfect accumulation vehicle for your clients?

    Contact our Annuity Center to learn more.

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