We have some good news to share with you. Thanks to Heather & Alec Adams and supporters like you, we have acquired a 107 acre property! Read on to learn more.

The Adams Nature Reserve

New Property Acquired!

The Adams Nature Reserve is a gorgeous 107 acre pine forest on the Canadian Shield, with streams and beaver ponds.

This property donation was made possible by Heather and Alec Adams, who have been the caretakers since the 70's.

Thanks to our financial supporters, we have been able to accept this precious gift to protect it for future generations.

New Volunteer Opportunities

Get a jump on spring with some new and improved ways to get out in support of our environment.

Opportunities for monitoring Conservancy properties,  testing water quality, and attending events are available now. 

Membership Matters!

How can you put your passion and love for our environment into action? One step is to renew your membership or become a member for the first time.

An individual members is $30 and a family is $50.

Annual General Meeting Re-cap

We were ~130 strong for our meeting. Our thanks to everyone who came out, and to our guest speaker Steve Burrows for his entertaining presentation.

With your support, we are making a difference in our region.

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