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Today we have some fantastic wines and dishes for May's Tour of Italy.  We're also very excited about our second event with Organic Wine Journal. 

Spring has finally sprung and the sidewalk cafes are open!  We hope you're enjoying the great weather and we hope to see you soon.

Another Great Organic Wine Journal Event at 'inoteca e liquori bar


Back by popular demand, 'inoteca e liquori bar is pleased to announce another joint venture with Organic Wine Journal! On Wednesday May 11th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, 'inoteca e liquori bar's Wine Director Catherine Gerdes and OWJ's Editor-in-Chief Adam Morganstern will host an intimate gathering of wine, snacks, discussion and fun. The evening will be extra special, as we'll have winemaker Silvano Brescianini of Barone Pizzini in Lombardia (certified organic) and Pievalta in Le Marche (certified biodynamic) in attendance, whose wines will compose our tasting:


NV Franciacorta Brut, Barone Pizzini

NV Franciacorta Rose, Barone Pizzini

09 Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi Superiore, Pievalta

06 Verdicchio Superiore Riserva "San Paolo", Pievalta

09 Curtefranca Rosso, Barone Pizzini


We're especially delighted to highlight Franciacorta, which made in the Methodo Champagnoise and is not only a fantastic alternative to Champagne, but a seamless match for the warmer weather we've been experiencing.


Tickets for this event are $65.00 per person all inclusive and may be purchased through Special Event Coordinator Nick Hofstadter at 212.683.3035.  Spaces are limited, so call today! 


The April Tour of Italy: Lombardia      


Lombardia, on the Swiss border, is perhaps best known for its capital, Milan.  Once home to Leonardo Da Vinci, Milan is today known as a center of world fashion with stunning Alpine views. Surrounding Milan is the rich countryside of Lombardia.  Famous for its veal, cheese and risotto, Lombardian cuisine is rich, hearty and perfect alongside the region's eclectic and delicious wines.    




Bresaola, Taleggio & Radicchio Panino $12


Milan has historically been a seat of power so it is no coincidence that the most regal of cured meats, bresaola, originated in Lombardia, in the town of Valtellina.  Made from beef filet that is cured for two to five months, bresaola has a rich, slightly sweet flavor; its almost purple color only adds to its majesty.  Alongside Lombardia's wonderfully stinky Taleggio and the bitterness of grilled radicchio, it's a panino fit for a king.     


- Jason Denton 


2009 Trebbiano Di Lugana, Pilandro $9

It's rare that a wine so convincingly exceeds expectations; this is one such wine.  The family owned and operated winery Pilandro scores big with this offering made from Trebbiano Di Lugana.  Not to be confused with the workhorse Trebbiano that grows throughout Italy, this subvariety produces a fuller, richer and more aromatic wine. Absorbing minerals from nearby Lake Garda, this wine has a wonderful saline quality making it a rare white that can go the
distance from antipasti to dolce.

2009 Oltrepo Pavese Rosso "Pezzalunga," Vercesi del Castellazzo $10

Miles away from the hustle and bustle of Milan, the Vercesi family has quietly been producing masterly wines for generations.  The estate, built on twenty-four hectares of land purchased in 1808, features all six varietals allowed under the umbrella of the Oltrepo Pavese DOC.  The "Pezzalunga," named after the hill on which its grapes are grown, features four: Barbera, Bonarda, Uva Rara and Pinot Nero, making this wine the lovechild of the DOC.  Served with a slight chill, this wine is smoky and leathery with notes of ripe dark berries.


- Elisha Siegel, Assistant Wine Director  




Veal Crudo with Breadcrumbs, Taleggio and Lemon   $13


I really love Veal Milanese, the breaded veal chop that is one of the defining dishes of Lombardian cuisine.  Keeping it light for spring, this play on the classic dish is composed of veal loin tartare blended with crunchy fried breadcrumbs, brought together with a light Taleggio cream and finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.


- Chef Shaunna Sargent  


2008, Chardonnay "Blanc", Mazzolino $15

When an Italian man marries a French woman, buys a winery in Lombardia and hires a Burgundian wine-maker, the results are this staggering Chardonnay.  Most Lombardian white wines tend toward the pleasant but truncated, wispy summer quaffers; however, Mazzolino's Chardonnay tastes like plump California Chardonnay grapes elegantly crafted in Burgundy.  Lombardia is currently best known in the U.S. for the villa bought by George Clooney, and if this wine was a movie character, he would certainly be played by George Clooney - a sunny, charming tan in a perfectly tailored suit.  Mazzolino winery adopted their name from the Latin word for "stage" and their Chardonnay is a star.

2009, Gropello "Garda Classico", San Giovanni $12

Although Gropello is the most important grape in the Lake Garda area, if you ask Lombardians about Gropello, they will undoubtedly talk about the Championship soccer team of the same name.  Gropello is better known as a blending grape in the great wines of Amarone di Valpolicella, but San Giovanni is bottling Gropello on its own - light in body and deep in flavor with brambly notes soaring through. In addition to making great wine, since 1958 the Pissini family has run San Giovanni winery with great conscience: solar panels on site as well as a wine bottle designed to be lighter and contain less glass keep San Giovanni's carbon footprint small. 


- Mike Stock, Wine Director  

'inoteca e liquori bar


Osso Bucco $18


Osso Bucco is Italian for 'Bone with a Hole' but that transliteration does no justice to this iconic, flavor-packed dish.  Our version uses veal shank braised slowly for hours in white wine, tomato and a touch of saffron. It is served with potatoes and topped with a gremolata made of fresh parsley, orange zest and horseradish. Come see why it's so beloved throughout Lombardia!     


 - Chef Steve Levine  



2002 Franciacorta Saten, Tenuta Bonomi $14


Franciacorta is a wine every wine aficionado will benefit from knowing. Produced in the same method as Champagne (and typically without the price), this sophisticated spumante is ideal for our transition into spring. The vineyards are located in the southernmost area of Franciacorta and the Bonomi castle's historic cellars are ideal for Methode Champenoise winemaking.  In the 2002 vintage, the richness of the Chardonnay grapes has softened beautifully with age and is joined by a delicate and persistent perlage.


2009 Lambrusco Montovano "Rigoletto", Roberto Negri $9


Lambrusco from Lombardia? Non possibile! Yes it's true, Vinicola Negri has been cultivating Lambrusco in Sabbioneta since 1953 and the results are quite impressive. The "Rigoletto" is a great representation of Lambrusco - gentle effervescence of frizzante, generous berries on the nose and brazen acidity on the palate. Perhaps another thing we can borrow from Emilia-Romagnian fame would be the pairing of this treat with bresaola on a beautiful spring day.


- Catherine Gerdes, Wine Director  


Cotoletta alla Milanese $17

For our dish this month, we are visiting Milan for one of its fabulous veal dishes, the hearty "Cotoletta," or cutlet.  Starting with veal shoulder, we remove the bone, generously season and then slowly braise. The tender veal is sliced into cutlets, breaded and lightly fried to order and served alongside braised mustard greens, green lentils, herb salad and mustard seed vinaigrette.


- Chef Jeff Creager    


2009, Chiavennasca, Conti Sertoli Salis $11

In 1869, the Sertoli brothers were among the first winemakers to actually bottle wine in all of Italy.  Bottles dating to 1881 and 1890 have been found in the family's cellar. More recently, they bottled this unique white.  The skins are separated from the juice of the Chiavennasca grapes (a local name for Nebbiolo) at the beginning of the vinification process, yielding what is essentially a white Nebbiolo.  This wine is crisp yet complex, with aggressive minerality and lingering honeydew on the palate.


2006, Valtellina Superiore " Grumelo" Aldo Rainoldi   $11

Rainoldi was founded in 1925 and is one of the finest producers in Lombardia.  Aldo Rainoldi, the grandson of the founder, is now at the helm of this small winery. The Valtellina vineyards are the only area outside of Piemonte with Nebbiolo under vine.  From these grapes Rainoldi has created a red with an herbaceous, floral bouquet with notes of roses, nuts and leather. This is simply a beautiful medium-bodied wine.


- Joe Denton



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