Project Description
As part of our Green Watts for Good initiative, Nebraskans for Solar and Heartland Hope Mission partnered on the installation of a photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of their building at 2021 U Street in Omaha. The nonprofit’s mission is “to be more than a pantry by providing clients with resources to be food secure and self-sufficient in a hope-filled environment.”

The solar project was funded through direct contributions to our Green Watts for Good program and donations made to our Giving Tuesday campaign last December, sponsored by SHARE Omaha. 

Ric Hansen from  Interconnection Systems Inc , based in Central City, designed and installed the 5-kilowatt PV system, with plenty of roof space available for Heartland Hope Mission to add to it in the future. Additional ISI projects include the Kearney Solar Farm and Duchesne Academy’s rooftop solar array. See “Solar Examples” on our website for brief descriptions and photos of the projects. Visit ISI’s website to see more of their installations and new projects. 
Project Lead Coordinators
The lead coordinators for the Heartland Hope Mission solar project were: Chelsea Salifou, Dodji Salifou, and Scott Kinkaid with Heartland Hope Mission, and Louis Lester, Ken Deffenbacher, and Helen Deffenbacher representing Nebraskans for Solar.

“We are excited to partner with Nebraskans For Solar and to be part of their model program. Not only will the solar system help us save money by using a renewable energy source, but their assistance is also helping us make modifications to lower our overall energy costs! These will enable us to put more of our resources towards providing food and other essential needs to working poor families in our community.”  - Chelsea Salifou, CEO, Heartland Hope Mission
Case Studies / Model Program  
Louis Lester, Nebraskans for Solar’s Energy Conservation Projects Coordinator, is working with Heartland Hope Mission and No More Empty Pots to develop case studies. He is analyzing their electricity bills and demand charges and auditing their energy usage. 
From this data he is customizing a plan to reduce their electricity bills and demand charges through conservation measures, including management of the power loads of their large appliances, HVAC and other major energy-consuming units. He will use the case studies for a model program to present to all interested Nebraska nonprofits in an upcoming virtual workshop and discussion.
Invitation to Nebraska Nonprofits  
All nonprofits in Nebraska are invited to participate in this new energy conservation initiative. When Louis completes the two case studies, he will provide a virtual presentation and discussion on how all nonprofits can save energy and money in similar ways.
If your nonprofit would like to participate, please click the link below to download and complete his one-page survey. Keep a copy for the workshop and discussion and email the survey to

As the case studies and program model progress, we will send you an invitation to Louis’ presentation and additional, related announcements. With his many years of experience working on renewable energy, efficiency and energy storage at OPPD prior to his retirement last December, our board values and appreciates his work.
We hope you will join Nebraskans for Solar in developing this new initiative! 
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Thank you for all you are doing to advance renewable energy in our state!