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February 24, 2012

Greetings Pinball Fans,

Today, we are releasing another piece of Animation created by our extremely talented Graphic Designer, JP DeWin. This is one of several animations which in various forms and at various times will be incorporated into game play and into the game rules.


These animations will be shown on the 26" Wells Gardner commercial LCD monitor in the backbox and will be accompanied by custom speech, custom music and sounds over the booming stereo sound system of the game. They are designed to entertain onlookers, instruct the player and amuse everyone.


If you like this one, all we can say is "you ain't seen nothing yet" as John-Paul is cooking up some great treats in his studio.   


Emerald City Multiball - LCD Annimation
Emerald City Multiball - LCD Animation

We don't want Matt to feel lonely this week as he models his way through all of his toys and designs. His  "Rainbow Flower Field" is pictured which resides above the Rainbow Targets.


The picture of the Munchkinland playfield with the latest house shown without the applied artwork and in the "landed" position on top of the feet of the Wicked Witch of the East. There is also some artwork on the playfield and some blurry faces which will be exposed at a later time.


In our next update we will reveal many more of Matt's toys and models for the game. Some are pending approvals.


Several weeks ago a decision was made to eliminate any MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or Pressboard as is known by many on our cabinet. This is something commonly used in Pinball cabinets and other game cabinets as a cheap alternative to plywood or other materials. It is heavy, swells up when damp or wet and does not belong on a high-end product. Our game cabinets are being constructed right now using special plywood. The actual construction of our game cabinet and backbox is unique to JJP and is being protected by Patent application.


The playfield in our game was to have used 9-ply plywood. Several weeks ago, we changed direction and decided to use 11-ply plywood as that would provide more rigid structure to the playfield, prevent warping and would be in keeping with the highest quality standard to which we want our games built. That changed some parts as the wood depth changed fractionally and some brackets and switches had to be redrawn and tooled to our JJP specifications. All in all we feel it is worth the extra time and effort and expense to create the game we want to create for you and millions of people who will play them for generations to come.


Next week Jack is at the MC and will report from there on 3/5/12.

We are on track to begin assembly on 3/13/12 so there will be more updates coming. Thanks and have a nice weekend!

Rainbow Flower Field/Munchkinland

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The JJP Team at Pinball Expo - Thanks to Jim Schelberg of 

Team JJP: Top Row - Left to Right: Mark Weyna, Greg Freres, Keith Johnson, Jim Thornton, Drew Maniscalco, Joe Balcer. Bottom Row- Chris Granner, Matt Riesterer, Dennis Nordman, Bryan Hansen. Jack Guarnieri in Front


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