May 2023 Issue
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Why We Celebrate Women
I am often asked why we don't celebrate Mother's Day at BFF.

As God was speaking to my heart outlining BFF, one of the clear things He said is that many hurting women would be coming and that being sensitive to this was huge. After spending 8+ years in prison ministry, I witnessed firsthand the separation of mothers from their children. Some for a season, others for a lifetime. I spoke with many women who had multiple abortions and others who could not get pregnant. Others that suffered miscarriage after miscarriage. Other women simply did not have nurturing loving women as mothers and would rather erase their memory of their mother's, others had been abandoned or put in foster care or adopted that left more questions than answers, and others who were still grieving the mother who has passed away.

With this deeply embedded in my heart, the idea of commencing our summertime and the end of our winter season, the idea of a Celebration of Women was the birthed. It doesn't matter what the struggle, the abuse, the injustice, the mistakes we made, the damage we may have caused, the grief experienced, we serve a God who cherishes and celebrates us as His Daughters! We are more than our experience - We are HIS! And each one of us matter more than we could ever know. His Word bellows that to us! We celebrate God's amazing creation in our women. Those we share life with. The ones struggling every day to make better choices, be better moms, better wives, better daughters, better friends and in that become women of virtue and integrity. The old is gone! The new is here!

We would love for YOU to join us this special night as we welcome our yearly special speaker, Erica Wiggenhorn. Yes, we are blessed beyond words as Erica sends us off for the summer with an amazing message 8 years in a row!

And yes! We celebrate our men as well! We are so honored by the men who join us each week and for those who serve us as well. We welcome Pastor Jon Taylor from First Christian Church to speak into the lives of our men at the same time Erica is speaking into the lives of our women.
The invitation is available to all, and we would be so very happy to have you join us. Friday, May 19th, 1726 W. Camelback Road (Christ Church Central Phx). Doors open at 5:30 with a meal until 6pm and childcare is provided.
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Who You Kickin It With?
Are you hanging out with people that encourage sin? or are you kickin it with people that hold you accountable? God sends people into or life to encourage and hold us accountable. He also calls us to do the same, but we can’t do this without community!

Another Perspective!
Hear from Erica:

BFF- Annual Celebration of Women

When God made the world, He called it good. After He created women, He called it very good. Think about that for a minute. The presence of women made everything God created even better. And women have sought to make everything better ever since. Once sin entered the world there was a whole lot of junk to fix.

But sometimes as women, while we want to make everything better, we forget about ourselves. We are so busy figuring out how everyone else could make better choices, live better lives, and become happier or healthier, we continue to stay stuck in our own cycles that are not even good, let alone very good. Let’s be honest, some of our choices are very bad and things are not getting better at all. 

I think the word God used for women tells us a lot about our strengths and our weaknesses. God called women “helper” but not like an extra that pitches in when needed, it’s actually a military term, meaning to rescue or save. It depicts a mighty warrior coming to fight. God calls Himself by this same word over sixteen times in Scripture. It’s a heroic term. God called women warriors!

Our heart as women is to rescue and save, but we can become so busy coming to the aid of helping our family members, our kids, or others fight their battles, we don’t see where we ourselves are bleeding to death.

I’m not suggesting we become selfish. I’m expecting you to tend to your own wounds. No warrior enters a battlefield with brokenness or infection. They receive the care they need before returning to the front lines to fight. BFF is the place of healing that forces you to pause and assess where you can get better. It’s the place where you become reminded that God rescues you and fights for you so you can be strengthened and ready to face the battles of life. 

You were created to be mighty. Not a victim. You are meant to help others. But you need to let God heal your brokenness. He will help you fight your battles. Will you allow Him to rescue you?

Deuteronomy 33:26-26 NLT “There is no one like the God of Israel.
    He rides across the heavens to help you,
    across the skies in majestic splendor.
The eternal God is your refuge,
    and his everlasting arms are under you.
He drives out the enemy before you;
    he cries out, ‘Destroy them!’

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Help with set up on Thursday's.

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Prayer and Praises!
Prayer requests: That God would continue to intervene on Misty's behalf and heal her from this ravenous cancer.
That God would comfort and give strength to her husband Sean as he covers his wife during this time.
We are raising funds for her, so if you are so led to give, please click the donate button below and designate "Benevolence."

We also continue to pray for Jake and the release from his addiction. For his parents as they abide in you and stand in the gap in prayer for their son.

We pray for all of those who have lost loved ones. So many losses. A brother, a mother, a daughter, a cousin, all in a matter of days apart in our community.

We pray for those who have turned their backs on their faith. Lord, lead them back to you!

We pray for the state of confusion in our world. That we would be bold in the face of confusion because we

Praise Time: I want to thank you all for praying and believing so much for and over Dennis. His recovery is slow, but it is happening!!!! And we are stand amazed, absolutely amazed at our good good God! We praise God for the team of incredible workers who have stepped in and up to fill in the gap these past trying months. It is so fun for me to see God move people not only into action, but into purpose, but into their calling!

 Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not Know.
Jeremiah 33:3