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Apollo Is Flourishing in His Home!
Apollo's adopter Bob sent us the perfect update to warm hearts on Valentine's weekend.

Due to his need to have multiple meet-and-greets to warm up to people, Apollo - formerly Froggy Kermit - was a difficult dog to place quickly.

Eventually, in June 2020, his incredible adopter applied for him, and demonstrated his commitment immediately. Bob came multiple times to meet his future pup at the shelter - and even brought the neighbors!

Months later, Apollo continues to thrive in his incredible home!
Adopter Bob says, “Just wanted to give an update on ‘Froggy Kermit,’ who is now loving his new name Apollo. I still to this day can’t thank you enough for helping me bring him home! His confidence is at an all-time high and he’s let other people love on him. His kindness and loving has had a major effect on us all! Again, thank for doing what you do! Six months in the shelter had to be hard on him, but he is now one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever been around.”

We truly can’t thank Bob enough for going above and beyond for this special boy and setting him up for success!

This is a strong example of SSPA standing by our motto, “Where all dogs matter,” and shows that it takes a village to achieve successful outcomes for our pups! Without SSPA being a safety net for large dogs and amazing community members willing to go the extra mile, Apollo would not have had the positive outcome we had all hoped and wanted for him.

This is seriously what it’s all about and we can’t accomplish this without your support!
Happy Tails
Dimitri, now Dante, found his home Friday!

He has an amazing family that will give him all the love and fun times!

Adopter Courtney said, "I wanted to give you a little update on how Dimitri is doing. We have changed his name to Dante and he is starting to recognize his name. Even though it's only been a couple of days he is settling in really well. He loves his human brothers and his four-legged brother Copper. He is such a cuddle bug and loves to cuddle with all of his brothers. He truly was a great Valentine yesterday and we love having him in our home! Thank you again for all of your help and all you do for the animals!"

Thank you so much for making this wonderful boy a beloved part of your family!
Maybell has been adopted!

This adorable girl won over her adopters during their meet and greet with her amazing foster!

Adopter Kate said, "I am pleased to report that we loved Maybell and adopted her today. She is settling in at home tonight and adjusting to her new environment. Thank you for all the work you do."

Congratulations, Maybell, and thank you to Kate and family for adopting!
These three Stockton pups found their homes on Friday through SSPA!

Judas, Maverick and an unnamed husky all went home - just in time to be someone’s Valentine!

A huge congratulations to these lucky pups and their families!
Don’t forget: We offer post-adoption counseling to help with your new dog’s transition into your home! Email! You can send "Happy Tails" updates there as well!
Fosters Needed
These dogs are also available for adoption!

This is one playful, fabulous boy. He’s happy as a clam, and loves people and dogs! Just all-around fantastic!

He recently landed in a temporary foster home and immediately fit in and started playing with the four resident pups!

Sounds like a dream boy, huh? With him, life really can be all rainbows and unicorns (with four-leaf clovers mixed in).

Ready to bring him home? Fill out a foster application today.

This young guy with the super squishable face is hoping to land in a loving foster home!

Although he's shy and timid with new people, he's oh-so-eager to gain trust in you. He also happens to be sweet as a key lime pie.

He absolutely loves meeting new canine friends - it may take him a minute to warm up, but give this guy a minute and he turns into a total puppy! We would love to see this guy in a home with another playful dog.

Ready to open your home to him? Fill out a foster application today.

This is one mannerly, easy gentleman.

He has a double perinial hernia, which requires two surgeries, so he's looking for a medical foster ASAP.

He'd do fine in a home with a well-matched female dog.

Looking for an easy keep? Look no further. Fill out a foster application to bring this boy home today!

Sweet, wonderful senior alert!

Staying at the shelter is breaking this 9-to-10-year-old guy's heart.

He walks slowly, is sore and just really deserves a cushy place where he can cuddle and chill out safely.

Can you help make his dream come true? Fill out a foster application today.

This youngster is full of awesome energy. And he captures everyone's attention with those amazing ears!

He still acts silly and lovable like a puppy, but he's also potty trained and loves running.

He's so handsome and so playful!

Ready to bring this big guy home? Fill out a foster application today.

This boy has the most adorable, silly expression!

He's also super soft, gentle and sweet.

He's shy and timid and takes time to warm up, so he's looking for a patient and understanding foster.

Ready to bring this boy home? Fill out a foster application today.

This guy is awesome (and super adorable to boot)!

Some of his favorite activities are playing and adventure time, and nothing rocks his boat. He’d love to find a home with a female pup for a playmate.

More than anything, he just wants a family that’s looking for smiles, love and fun!

Ready to bring him home? (He'd do best in a family without small children due to his energy.) Fill out a foster application today.
Join Us on Our Next Cleanup Day
Our amazing volunteers were back at the former Boys Ranch on Saturday, helping get our new site off the ground!

These folks amaze us with their passion and commitment to getting our site up and running ASAP - despite the tough physical work! Y’all are incredible!

Whether you’re helping on site, volunteering at the shelter, fostering or donating, you are creating a brighter future for our region’s shelter pups! There aren’t enough words to thank you!

Join us for our next volunteer day at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 27! Email to sign up!
Help SSPA Save More Lives
Get to Know Members of the SSPA Team!
In this series, we'll feature one - or more - of our team members each week!
Q&A with husband-and-wife duo staff member Kalin Kipling-Mojaddedi and volunteer Omar Mojaddedi

How long have you been part of SSPA and what inspired you to be part of the team?
Kalin: I joined SSPA in 2014, after moving to Sacramento from Santa Cruz. I was looking for a community of individuals who were working to save animals - and I found SSPA, then PB SOC. I’ve been hooked ever since and now serve as social media lead and newsletter editor!

Omar: I joined the team in 2016 as a foster, after Kalin had already been part of the team for two years. Her description of how dedicated SSPA is to shelter dogs piqued my interest - and I couldn't say no to the adorable pups! We're also huge pibble advocates, so helping them and other large dogs in need is a passion.

What’s the best thing about being a member of #TeamSSPA?
Kalin: Knowing you're part of a team that puts the dogs first and is all about making a difference.

Omar: Seeing the incredible positive change in dogs once they land in a foster or forever home.

What moment during your time with SSPA is most memorable for you?
Kalin: It's a toss-up between the work that was being done when I first joined in 2014 and all of our fosters. In 2014, SSPA - then PB SOC - was working to keep a group of incredible dogs confiscated from a massive dog-fighting raid in good spirits. The dogs were held for years and PB SOC folks worked with them every day to keep them happy. From that point on, I knew it was all about the dogs and SSPA/PB SOC truly believed that all dogs matter. I still think about one of the confiscated dogs - KK - with whom I was fortunate enough to spend so much time. She was adopted, but still has a piece of my heart!
Omar: Every single adoption day for our fosters (many of whom are pictured here). When the right family comes along, the dogs have made it clear they're ready to go and start their new adventure! It's truly rewarding and joyful!

What do you hope to help SSPA accomplish in the future?
We hope to help SSPA continue to grow and evolve into its own entity! We've been so honored to help with the groundbreaking at the new site - and can't wait to see just how far SSPA can go in saving lives!

What is your favorite thing about your pets?
Kalin: I have a super strong bond with both our girls and can't imagine our lives without them. I adopted our cat Sasha in 2006 when I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and for the past 14 years, she's been my constant companion. She's just as feisty at 16 as she was at 2 and is a total mama's girl! Watching our beloved blockhead Apple (pictured on a hike with us above) continue to overcome her anxiety over the past eight years has been the most rewarding experience. When we adopted her in 2012, she was terrified of everything. Although she still has anxiety, she's come so far with love and patience. We're so proud of her!

Omar: They make a house feel like a home and it's just endless entertainment. Their unconditional love brightens up our lives!

Any final thoughts?
We can't wait to see what's ahead for SSPA and how big of an impact it can make.
We'd love to share your story! Have your own SSPA story to share and/or want to be interviewed for SSPA's newsletter? Email us at!
Adoptable Dogs

Mother of Dragons? More like Mother of Sweetness!

This is one easygoing and precious senior girl. She truly just wants to be by your side.

She’d be fine with a gentle male dog in the home.

She’s truly a rock star of a dog - and so sweet!

Ready to bring her home? Fill out an adoption application!

Eli is a beyond-adorable, soft and sweet nugget. He came into the shelter terrified and shut down.

Now in foster care, with lots of positive reinforcement and a couple of well-rounded female dogs, he has really come out of his shell. Eli has the heart of a sweet, eager-to-please, playful and a bit mischievous puppy inside a cautious exterior.

His ideal forever family will understand that his shyness is due to his lack of proper socialization as a young dog. He’s looking for a family who will help him continue to grow into a balanced, happy dog. He'd love a playful, confident female dog in his future home!

Ready to adopt?! Fill out an adoption application!

Hello gorgeous!

This absolutely stunning girl is a total ray of sunshine who lives for being around people.

She’s currently in an amazing foster home, but she’s ready to move in with her forever family.

Sierra prefers to be the only pup in your home, but will give you all the love and companionship you need!

Ready to give this sweetheart a loving home?! Fill out an adoption application!

This boy came to the shelter in bad shape. He was an outdoor dog, chained in a kennel his entire life.

With the help of our awesome SSPA team and his foster, he's developed more confidence and learned that life can be good.

Let us tell you - this boy is resilient! He had owners who didn't show him an ounce of compassion, but now he's found a way to trust and even show his silly side.

Understandably, he can take a bit to develop trust, but once he does, he's marvelous!

He's low maintenance, mellow and easy to please, and has successfully lived with cats and other dogs!

Ready to bring him home? Apply to adopt him.

This adorable dude is a volunteer favorite!

He takes a little time to warm up to people, so he’s looking for a patient and understanding family.

He could be paired with a well-matched female dog in his new home.

Once you gain his trust, he does zoomies and flops over for belly rubs!

Ready to bring him home?! Fill out an adoption application.

Sadie is one stunning girl who's ready to come home with you!

She currently lives in a foster home with cats, and is loving being an indoor family pet!

What would make her even happier is finding a forever home!

Ready to adopt?! Fill out an adoption application!
Thank You!
You helped us raise $1,000 for Stockton Animal Shelter's staff in just a few days!

The funds will go toward much-needed safety kits for staff members who work with the dogs.

The staff there have amazed us with their dedication to the dogs and their selflessness. These are some truly hardworking, compassionate individuals who are all about handling dogs in humane ways.

And now they'll be well-equipped, thanks to your generosity!

Thank you so much!
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