Amazing Animation

Spectacular Original Marvin Martian Painting
by Bill Lopa


I hope you have been following the original dental themed paintings that Bill Lopa has been creating for Amazing Animation.

His paintings are very unique, extremely colorful, and have made great impressions in the offices when they have been hung.

We are now releasing his newest original painting that Lopa completed at the New York Dental Meeting a few weeks ago.

This one features Marvin Martian, struggling with dental floss because he doesn't have any teeth.  (I would say he has no mouth, but I know he speaks in his cartoon, so he has to have a mouth!)

What I love about this painting, besides the awesome blast of colors that are in it, is the unique perspective that Lopa has chosen for Marvin.

This large 36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas painting, will make an incredible impression and presentation hanging in your dental practice.

Plus we are still offering the Lopa paintings for only $6,000 and not the $12,000 - $15,000 they are currently posted on the website for.

This is a great opportunity to add something really amazing to you dental art collection.

ALSO - in response to some requests for smaller paintings, we are now offering the mixed media on canvas paintings in two sizes, 30" x 40" and 16" x 20".

A Mixed Media Original is a fine art giclee on canvas that is then hand embellished by Lopa, to produced a totally original work of art.

To inquire about the Marvin Flossing or any other Lopa painting available, please call (800) 536-7796


Perry Shiller
Amazing Animation
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These can all be ordered as 30" x 40" or 16" x 20" Mixed Media Originals at the prices offered below.

Marvin Finished

Marvin Martin Flossing
36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas Original Painting by Bill Lopa
$6,000 framed

30" x 40" Mixed Media Canvas Original with Hand Embellishments by Lopa
$1500 framed

16" x 20" Mixed Media Canvas Original with Hand Embellishments by Lopa
$995 framed

Please view the pictures below to see the progression of the painting as it was completed in New York.


1) Here is the painting as it appeared prior to Lopa adding the additional color with his splatter technique.

Marvin Half Way

2) After a  few hours of splattering, this is what the painting looked like.
Lopa Painting Marvin

3) Here is Bill Lopa, adding the secret finishing touches to the Marvin.

Marvin Finished

4) And once again the finished painting.

To order please call (800) 536-7796