The Danco Group for bringing Santa to our Clubhouse and sponsoring our holiday party! 
Humboldt Association of Realtors for providing over 200 holiday gifts for our members at all locations!
Katy Boham & Benchmark Realty for hosting a coat drive and collecting  over 350 coats for our members.


Board of Directors

Jaison Chand
John Fullerton
Lance Morton
Dylan Sacco 
Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer   
Rod Strom
Ryan Sundberg 
Betsy Totten
Mark Wetzel 
Natasha White

President: Phillip Nicklas

In This Issue

Save the Date! 



Thank you Eureka Emblems Club for donating books, toys and puzzles for our Clubhouse members. These books were from our wish list and we are so grateful to add them to our library. Both the workbooks and reading books with help supplement our Power Hour program, aka homework help. 

Klamath Hiking Club

Hiking Club took full advantage of the few sunny days this winter.  They hiked the different trails and two beaches. 

Our McKinleyville kitchen crew, face off in a cooking challenge.  Members were partnered up and were given eight ingredients to create a healthy meal in 30 minutes. The winners pictured to the left, created with a teriyaki chicken veggie stir fry.  Great job!

Eureka Teen Center Girl Space made their own memory match game with characteristics of themselves and what they strive to be. Strong, Self-Love, Independent, and Caring were just a few characteristics they came up with.


ASAP Presentation by Leaders: 

On Dec 12, 3 of our teen Leaders presented on Teen Court to ASAP (Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention). They did a fantastic job and everyone in attendance was duly impressed- with our teens as well as our program. Nice work!


New or gently used wish list items:

Folding tables

Incentives- Toys, game cards (all sorts), gift cards, movie passes, etc. 

Electronics- Headphones,  X-Box 360 controllers/ Wii controllers/ PS3 controllers 
Desk top computers 2015 or newer

Instruments- Guitars, ukuleles, flutes, drums.

Board Games ages 5-18
Kitchenware- Silverware, bowls and plates, mixing bowls and utensils .

Sports Equipment- Footballs, flags, hula hoops, jump ropes,  Dodgeballs (Soft), Whiffle balls, handballs, basketballs. 

Art Supplies- Paint, brushes, pastels, canvas, construction paper, tissue paper, colored pencils and washable markers. 

Books- Comic/Anime, sets for 2-5 graders. 



Eureka Teen Center
Youth of the Month
Asika Zosel

Asika, a big kid with an even bigger heart. Last year was difficult for Asika. He run away from home and was homeless for a year. Living life on the streets and not attending school, Asika had also strayed away from the Teen Center. With the news of his father passing, Asika decided it was time to reach out to his family and move back home. He enrolled back into school, and started working with his family providing in home care. With his life back on track Asika started attending the Teen Center and has taken on lots of responsibilities. He is a leader in our Keystone Club as well as being one of the most active members in Passport 2 Manhood. He is one of the Peacekeepers here at the Teen Center, a super BIG help during fundraisers and loved by all.


Tay'lon Reed
Eureka Teen Center
Program Assistant
Taylon has worked for the Boys & Girls Club for over five years now.  He runs many programs such as Keystone, Passport to Manhood, S.L.A.P, and is pursuing a collaboration with Art Club to form a Comedy/Podcast Club. A lot of our members look up to him and see him as a role model. In his spare time, Tay'lon enjoys editing, playing handball and spending quality time with his child. Thank you Tay'lon for your time, energy and dedication to our Club. 


We envision healthy, empowered and engaged youth who appreciate and respect  themselves, each other, their families, the community and the environment.

We empower youth to reach their full potential as responsible, caring and productive citizens through professionally led programs and activities that are fun, positive, and relevant in a safe, supportive, and healthy environment. 
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