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GMO this_ GMO that.
GMO this, GEO that. Why we can't even agree on terms
The ink had barely dried on the newly passed federal legislation to require food products containing genetically modified organisms be labeled, when critics of the pending law put industry on notice it didn't go far enough. One complication: It says nothing about "GEOs," or genetically edited organisms. What gives?
Why shock undercover farm videos work--and why they shouldn_t
Why farm-cruelty videos work...and why they shouldn't
From the so-called frontlines fighting to protect farm animals, the animal-rights group Mercy for Animals has cued up yet another "undercover" farm video, this one aimed at one of the nation's large egg distributors. Meanwhile, retailer after retailer has given in to the group's strident demands. Here's why this new cinema of the sadistic has become so effective in manipulating the food chain and, more importantly, why you should fight it.
Why do farmers sign their lives away to contract farming?
Why do farmers agree to give up their freedom?
When Costco Wholesale announced plans to bring a large chicken processing plant to Fremont, spurring new opportunity for Nebraska to increase its number of vanishingly rare chicken farmers, critics cried fowl. To them, it meant merely an extension of the contract-farming system, which enslaves farmers to working for low pay and long hours, tending somebody else's birds. Our popular Why Do Farmers Do That series looks at the question of why farmers have flocked to this modern-day system.
Is the soybean shortage real_
Is that soybean shortage you've read about real?
The weather in South America this cropping season has been brutal, leading to nerves in the commodities that decreased supplies and continued strong demand worldwide for soybeans spells a potential shortage. True?
Meet your Nebraska farmer
What organic and conventional really mean in practice
Listen to your Nebraska farmer, Bertrand's Linda Schwarz, discuss the realities of weed control without the use of common chemical pesticides. 
Yikes_ Changing a lightbulb at 1500 feet
Get outdoors, they said. Get some fresh air...
On those beautiful Nebraska mornings, when you're tired of being cooped up in the backroom or stuck at a desk, the young grocers's thoughts drift to jobs in the outdoors and the fresh air, like this simple task of changing lightbulbs just over the state line in South Dakota.

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