Thank you from all of us at St. Anne's Mead!

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A hand designed and written card with a rose for every resident from Gemond.


Gemond Jones, a student at nearby Adler Elementary in Southfield, recently celebrated his ninth birthday with a twist.

Instead of being preoccupied with what he wanted for his birthday, he was preoccupied with thinking of others.

Lucky for us, he was thinking of the residents at St. Anne's Mead. Gemond made a handmade card for each of our residents.

He started by introducing himself, "My name is Gemond," and then brightened their day with comments like, "you are the best," "have an amazing day," and "you are great." Along with each card, Gemond and his mom provided a rose for each resident.

Michelle, Jennifer and Robin delivered them to each resident which immediately put a smile on their faces! "What a generous and beautiful soul to have thought of others for his ninth birthday," said Michelle.

When "thank you" is never enough, Gemond! You made our day!

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