Another part of gun safety
When you hear the term "gun safety" you don’t necessarily think of how arms are manufactured. Yet the production of guns and ammunition for law enforcement, the military and licensed citizens does require controlling static electricity. To that end, a number of the U.S.’s manufacturers employ our PolyStyle ESD epoxy.

What is PolyStyle ESD?
PolyStyle ESD is a multi-layer flooring system consisting of a primer/barrier coat, a conductive ground-plane coat, and a highly durable polyurethane ESD/color coat. This three-part system provides a highly reliable ESD floor system that ensures compliance with strict ESD standards like ANSI/ESD S20.20, with consistent system resistance and low body voltage generation.

For an arms or ammunition manufacture, this type of flooring greatly reduces the static electricity, reducing the possibility of an incident.

For a complete rundown on PolyStyle ESD and how it applies to the munitions and other manufacturers, click on the button below.
How to remove a single tile
One of the benefits of our interlocking tiles is that replacing one damaged tile doesn’t create additional work. As the video to the right shows, it really is as simple as taking out the one damaged tile and replacing it with a new one. Check it out.
Explosives and munitions
A discharge of accumulated static in the presence of explosive materials or devices can have disastrous results. There are several standards that address the control of ESD in these vulnerable areas, including: NFPA 77, DoD 4145.26-M, DA PAM 385-64. These standards all require the use of conductive flooring with a suggested requirement of maximum resistance of a person’s body, the resistance of the conductive footwear. 

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