Testing ESD flooring – Test 2
We run several tests on our StaticStop flooring prior to and after installation. One involves getting a reading on the tile on the floor where it will be installed. This test provides a reading of the resistance of the floor before it’s put into regular use by the customer. It allows the customer to “Accept” for the floor and is referred to as “Acceptance Testing”. In this short video, SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli demonstrates this test.
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Customer Case Study: White Plains Improvement
White Plains Improvement needed to update their office. Flooring, in particular, was a concern as it needed static control. With our interlocking FreeStyle ESD product, they were able to integrate with their existing ESD program and have the entire office ready to go after a single weekend.

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Chris Hughes - Customer Service
Chris has more than 35 years of experience in the ESD flooring industry. He began his career with United Technical Products, one of the earliest innovators in ESD flooring. Chris worked with several other established leaders in the flooring industry before joining SelecTech in 2013.

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