Answer ALS Research Quarterly Updates
1000 Participants Reached!
The enrollment goal of 1000 participants was met and exceeded by December 2018. Enrollment is closed but follow-up visits will continue. Thanks to all the patient participants who helped meet these goals and move research forward more quickly.
First of Its Kind Data Portal Launched
The first set of Answer ALS study data is now available to request at ! After reaching our target enrollment of 1000 participants, this release includes whole genome sequence data paired with full clinical profiles from the first 100 study participants. As profiles are completed, they will be added until the entire trove of data is available to the global ALS research community. Datasets can be searched based on both clinical and sample features allowing all researchers to rapidly identify the most relevant information for their own studies.
More Unprecedented Milestones
Using Voice to Monitor Disease Progression

In partnership with IBM Research, Answer ALS scientists are using voice analytics to monitor disease progression. Preliminary results indicate that the voice recordings can be used to evaluate and monitor not only speech, but also cognition. Data gathered from additional PALS will be used to confirm these early results and we will provide additional details in the coming months.
Induced Pluripotent Stem (IPS) Cells: Did you know?

IPS cells need to be “fed” every day like their human donors! To stay happy and healthy, they receive a mixture of nutrients and growth factors that is refreshed every day of the year.

IPS cells were first generated in 2006 by a research team at Kyoto University in Japan.

Motor neurons were first generated from an 82 year old female with ALS in 2008. 
Game Changer Gala 2020

Stay tuned for more information about the 2020 Game Changer Gala in New Orleans. The tentative date is March 21st and planners are working to create another extraordinary event honoring ALS Game Changers.
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