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Do you have questions about what the Global Leadership Development Program is and how it will benefit your company?

Let Wayne County Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Scott Satterfield & Viva Cultura Founder Andrea Freile answer a few questions you may have about our BRAND NEW professional development program!

Watch each video below for further explanations!

WHAT IS the Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP)

>>> LatinX Edition?

The GLDP is a professional development program created in partnership between The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and Andrea Freile to help build the capacity and mobility of all LatinX employees of Wayne County.

WHO is GLDP for?

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce's Global Leadership Development Program is for all LatinX employees who company leaders feel will become outstanding leaders in their field.

WHAT will the attendee learn?

The LatinX attendees will learn from a curated curriculum focusing on cultural intelligence giving individuals the ability to recognize and adapt in settings that are different than what they are accustomed to. This is a social skill building course that will also give insight to other leadership capabilities, increasing the individual's productivity!!

WHAT IS Spanish Facilitated?

Spanish facilitated means the class will be taught in both Spanish and English, but you must have a general knowledge of the language to be successful in the course. Andrea refers to the language as Spanglish - a mix of both that allows a native speaker to learn easily, and a LatinX person who speaks professional English to be successful in the course as well.

HOW do you register for the GLDP?

Click the link below

OR visit our website :(www.waynecountychamber.com)

Then click the events tab. From there find the GLDP button - select to learn more and sign up!

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