May 9. 2023 - Vol. 2, Issue 2
"How's Your Book?"
Since No Tears for Dad was published last November, I’m asked this question a lot whenever I run into friends and acquaintances.
“God is a doing a thing with it,” has been a usual reply.

It seems the Lord is using my book to reach whomever, wherever, and for whatever purpose He intends. Most of how it reaches others is unknown to me.
Here's what I do know: My story touches people.

For instance, this Amazon review:

Wow! I don't know who this reviewer is, where she lives, or where she purchased No Tears for Dad. I’m grateful she took the time to post a review because it gives potential readers an idea of my book’s impact. Her comments left me awe-inspired about the power of a God who cares, redeems, transforms and bestowed me the gift of writing.
Rachael Colby, with whom I Zoom monthly as member of a Christian writers protégé group (our mentor is Cec Murphey) remarked, “Your book gives us permission to talk about it.” It meaning the stuff that is hard to talk about such as major depression, child abuse, PTSD, anger, bad parenting, and loneliness and isolation.

While out on a Saturday night, I received this text from another person, about dads, an apparently underdiscussed topic:

Here’s more feedback:

  • A guy whom I’ve never met, approached me after a men’s group meeting and said, “This probably sounds strange to you, but I’m sitting here and God is telling me to buy your book.” He disclosed that he believed he raised his son in a good home, yet he couldn’t comprehend why his son took a swing at him.
  • An acquaintance revealed to me a relative’s bouts with bipolar depression and subsequent suicide.

  • Several people indicated that they believe my mom may have been even more destructive to me than my dad.

  • In a five-page email, one woman retold her own horrific upbringing and battle with depression, drugs, and failed relationships.

  • “Your dad is not like my dad, but your mother is,” another guy said. He remarked about feeling resentful because he’s been handling her affairs since his dad passed.

  • Another friend said he related to my book because as a six-year-old he made his own breakfast and packed his own school lunches because his parents wanted to sleep.

  • Many have mentioned my book has made them take a hard look at what others may be going through that they may have previously not been unaware of.

  • Others have stated how appreciative they are, in hindsight, of their parents and their own happy childhoods.
For the tough stuff, I listen intently and relate my thoughts and feelings based on my own experiences. The Holy Spirit continues to remind me, “Be ready” for when others make their lives known to me. I’ve wanted to pray over people on the spot because I usually depart saying, “I’ll pray for you” but later don't. I feel awkward because I'm unsure of what to say. I have to realize it’s not about me. It’s about the person for whom I’m praying.

God is doing a thing with my book. And He's doing a thing with me too.

Cruz Reviews

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