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You must be the change you want to see in the world.
(1869 - 1948)
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Separating Kids from Families as Psychological Disaster

How familial separation can lead to adverse long-term consequences .

You’ve seen the photos and videos in the news. You’ve seen the  Facebook  posts. A newly implemented policy of the current presidential administration is to separate kids–little kids–from adults at the border. If a family is trying to get into the US illegally, our  government  is now detaining the  parents  and separating them from the kids–often putting the kids in cages. Yes, this is really happening. Today.  Here .

Using the Practice of Self-Kindness to Cope With Stress

Self-Kindness: An Important Aspect of Self-Compassion

 “In all the greatest  spiritual traditions, at their heart is tenderness, just to be kind inside, and then everything rights itself. Fear rests. Confusion rests.”
                       Pamela Wilson

Most of us today are suffering from the stress that chaos and uncertainty can bring. Self-kindness, an important aspect of  self-compassion , has been proven to help reduce stress. 

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