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Suicide Prevention Plan: 5 Tips to Deal With Thoughts of Suicide

This article was found on LinkedIn, and is a blog entry from Dr. Melissa Welby

Preventing suicide does not happen by offering simple  platitudes  (“You have so much to be grateful for”) or by saying comments like: “It’s wrong”, “It’s selfish”, etc…but by coming up with a focused suicide prevention plan. Suicide and suicide thoughts are a response to incredible pain. The pain seems unending to the person experiencing it. Some people experience recurrent thoughts of suicide. Coming up with a plan for dealing with suicidal thoughts is essential and takes hard work in order to prevent suicide. The pain must be addressed and a safety net put in place.

It’s not Easy to Admit your Adult Child is an Addict

Here are 9 questions to ask yourself if you're concerned about your child.

Following are some of the “red flags” that indicate changes in your adult child’s behavior that might give rise to thoughts about where your child’s money is going or why your child has lost another job. If you are beginning to have concerns about your child's well-being, you may begin to imagine that substance use,  abuse , or  addiction  are a part of the problem.

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