Antennas for RFID
& Industrial M2M

Mini RFID Panel Antennas

The S8655P high performance RFID antenna from Laird Technologies is the only UHF RFID antenna that offers a no-compromise performance in a small package. At 5.2" square the antenna offers a gain specification of 5.0dBic and an axial ratio better than 2dB. It is mechanically robust and is less likely to be exposed to excessive damage due to its reduced size.

  • Low Profile: 5.2" x 5.2" x 0.71".
  • Extremely low VSWR and axial ratio.
  • IP67 Rated.
  • Weather & UV resistant radome.
  • Wide range of customer options.
  • Left hand & right hand CP versions.
  • Warehouse.
  • Distribution Centre.
  • Airports & Hospitals.
  • Transit Terminals.
  • Conveyor Belt.
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Multi-band Microsphere Antennas

The use of cellular phones and wireless network applications inside buildings has increased the need for antenna systems that can provide considerable gain over traditional dipole antennas. The CFS692713G/4G Microsphere multi-band Laird Technologies' in-building wireless antennas are particularly applicable in environments where aesthetics and wide angle coverage are necessary for successful wireless deployment.

These antennas are small size and low profile types that allow the antennas to be hidden, providing an invisible solution for most applications. The field pattern is toroidal, with omnidirectional coverage in any plane.

  • Applicable for both 3G & 4G solutions.
  • Global LTE 2600 band.
  • Domestic Cellular & Global GSM.
  • Surface Mount Connector.
  • Broadband wireless access service provider.
  • Campus, healthcare or transportation terminals.
  • Indoor stadium, industrial plants and processing stations.
  • Public safety radio.
  • Handheld devices.
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Dual Band Phantom Antennas

The TRAB806/17103 Laird Technologies range of multi-band Phantom® antennas operate simultaneously over 7 bands AMPS/ GPS/ DCS/ PCS/ UMTS/ ISM. The patented whip-less Phantom® and Phantom Elite® low-profile antenna family has no equal with true field diversity performance. The patented technology utilises dual polarisation for unsurpassed performance in urban canyons as well as rural drop off areas.

  • True field diversity.
  • Multi-band cellular frequencies 806-960/1710-2500MHz.
  • Standard NMO, Permanent, Direct N Female and Ceiling Tile mounts.
  • Phantom out-performs a conventional 3dBi whip antenna in many applications.
  • Mechanically robust and less susceptible to damage.
  • M2M.
  • Utilities.
  • Data Transport.
  • Transportation.
  • Cellular, Mobile Radio, Fixed Station.
  • In Building Wireless.
  • Public Safety Radio.
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