For those who have met Anthony Clarke, one of our Child Sponsorship students living at the campus, you will love this article. If you haven’t met Anthony, go to our website at and check out the short video clip of Anthony’s story.

Anthony went from being a lower level student academically to now a precept in his school and promoted to a higher level in learning. As a reward...
We haven’t updated you recently on Pastor Kermit! We are happy to report that he is back! That’s right… you can never retire at ACE! He’s a little thinner but happy to be back on the job!

When Marla and Pastor Kermit were at the hospital to pay the final bill, he was amazed and humbled that we had enough money to cover all his medical costs, thanks to the generous donations that came in for him over the last few months! Everything is...
Instead of mailing ACE a donation or trip payment with a check through the USPS, you can Zelle ! With Zelle , you can send and receive money with peace of mind. Safely and easily transfer money to people you know through your trusted banking app - or the  Zelle  app if your bank doesn’t currently offer  Zelle .

Step 1...
Right after the first of this month, I was cleaning out my emails, and out pops one from someone I wasn’t expecting… and what a surprise!

The email was from a young girl named Evete, a name I hadn’t thought of in 32 years! 1988 was not only the year I arrived on the island, but it also saw one of the worst hurricanes to hit Jamaica, Hurricane Gilbert, in September of that year.

I happened to be back in Atlanta when the actual hurricane hit due to a root canal I had scheduled. Who would ever credit a root canal to being a good thing, helping me dodge a hurricane? Upon my return...
Praises and Prayer Requests

ANSWERED PRAYER No one here has gotten the flu! We have heard that many have been fighting it in the States. That’s a big deal for us, not to get ill. We are grateful!

ANSWERED PRAYER ACE received our first tractor from Oklahoma! Yes, thanks to a donor named Mel, the farm is now the proud owner of a John Deere 1530 tractor. Just so you know, the old tractors are the ones farmers want as they can be repaired easily and don’t have the computer chips in them.

PRAYER REQUEST We are filling a container in Gainesville, GA. This is where Mel (that’s what we named the tractor, by the way) is living until we fill the 40-footer for shipping. Please pray that we will get a duty waiver by the Agriculture Ministry here in Jamaica to bring all our farm equipment in without expensive duty.

PRAYER REQUEST We are in need of a piece of equipment for growing the chocolate output business at Cloud 9. This piece of equipment is around $15,000US. Allen is going to see if the folks in Atlanta who are selling it will cut us a break. This would be a great addition to streamline our manufacturing process!  

ANSWERED PRAYER Cloud 9 Chocolate is getting a bigger processing room. The men and women from Castine Church are here expanding our “territory” at the farm. That means more chocolate bars and more people put to work.

PRAYER REQUEST Our Medical and Dental teams will be arriving in a few days. The first one of the season is always a happy event for everyone. The equipment is here and ready to be used. Pray that all of the team will be prepared and have no problems getting here.

ANSWERED PRAYER Thank you, Dr. Guy, for being the Founding Director of our ACE Health and Wellness Program. Without you, we would still be seeing people under banana trees outside!
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