USF Anthropology:
A Model of Excellence
The Department of Anthropology has received the 2019 Model of Excellence Award from the USF Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity in recognition of "those who achieve the highest levels of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity pursuant to a belief that enhancing the sum of many parts will in turn, enhance the whole."
New Research Center
The Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce that the Center for the Advancement of Food Security and Healthy Communities (CAFSHC) was recently established and will be opening its offices this summer. Working in partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay and the Hunger Action Alliance (see photo), CAFSHC will serve as a national model for addressing the many challenges posed by hunger and food insecurity in Tampa Bay and beyond. CAFSHC’s mission is to transform the conversation about food insecurity and food sovereignty, using research and education to facilitate social equity that results in healthier communities. CAFSCH was started in order to bring together individuals inside and outside of USF who are passionate about eliminating hunger and food insecurity. In addition to conducting research, CAFSHC will raise awareness among the public and stakeholders about the diverse face of food insecurity and its downstream effects on health and wellbeing. It will also develop action plans for the deployment of programs and activities that connect communities to find solutions, and will prepare policy statements to foster discussions and programming aimed at eliminating hunger and food insecurity. David Himmelgreen (USF Anthropology Professor and Chair) will be directing CAFSHC. Since 2014, he has been working with faculty, students, and community partners on various food insecurity projects in Tampa Bay. To date, more than 30 faculty have become affiliates of the center. The plan is to bring in many more faculty (and students) as well as others from across Tampa Bay to share their ideas about the best ways to end hunger and food insecurity. For more information about CAFSHC, contact David Himmelgreen at .
Faculty Spotlight
Antoinette Jackson and students — Ofelia Sanchez, Amy Gatenbee, and William Lucas — worked with President Jimmy Carter this spring on their continuing study of the cultural landscape surrounding the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Plains, Georgia. Photo: USF team with Jimmy Carter (L-R: Shelby Scharen, Ofelia Sanchez, President Carter, William Lucas, Amy Gatenbee, Antoinette Jackson, Greg De Vries, and Beth Wright).
Rebecca Zarger was a featured guest on National Public Radio’s 1A, hosted by Joshua Johnson, to discuss climate change in Tampa Bay. " Florida is a land of sun and surf. Though as the climate continues to change, the 'land' part of that equation becomes more tenuous." Photo: Rebecca Zarger with Joshua Johnson.
Faculty Honors and Awards
Christian Wells received the 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award for his research with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and his election as AAAS Fellow. Lorena Madrigal ’s manuscript entitled “Fetal Hemoglobin Modulators May Be Associated with Symptomology of Sickle Cell Trait Football Players,” co-authored with a former USF undergraduate major, has been selected for publication in the prestigious Southern Medical Journal . This paper demonstrates that some sickle cell trait individuals have symptoms while other do not, due to the genetic modifiers independently inherited from the sickle cell gene. Nancy White received a grant from the National Geographic Society for investigations at the prehistoric Richardson’s Hammock site, 8Gu10, in northwest Florida. She also received a USF Humanities Institute grant to study the lost historic town of old St. Joseph, also in northwest Florida, which existed only from 1836-1841, when it was obliterated by a yellow-fever epidemic and hurricanes. Photo: Wells receives the Outstanding Faculty Award (L-R: USF President Judy Genshaft, Christian Wells, Provost and Executive Vice President Ralph Wilcox).
Faculty Keynotes
Daniel Lende was the 2019 Waring Distinguished Lecturer at the University of West Georgia. He presented (see photo), “How Anthropology Made Me a Better Person,” and led a faculty workshop on “How to Integrate the Neurosciences into the Social Sciences.” Linda Whiteford was an invited keynote at the 2019 St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs Forum, a three-day gathering of distinguished diplomats, military, media, and academic experts who meet to discuss critical international issues of the day. Antoinette Jackson was an invited speaker at Rutgers University for the panel entitled, “Unfree Memories: Slavery and Materiality in the Atlantic World,” sponsored by the British Studies Center and Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies. Rebecca Zarger was an invited speaker addressing climate change futures in Tampa Bay at the University of Miami’s Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy. Diane Wallman was special invited guest at the South Florida Museum, where she spoke about her recent research at the Gamble Plantation.
Student Honors and Awards
Christopher Eck (see photo) is the recipient of the 2019 John R. Coleman Traveling Fellowship. His dissertation project, “Biochemical Reconstruction of the Diet and Mobility of Neolithic Agropastoralists from the Central Po Valley, Italy,” is a first-of-its-kind study of the earliest agricultural development in the region, involving an assessment of an excavated assemblage of over 100 human burials and over 10 preserved animal remains from the early Neolithic. Deven Gray received two awards for his Master’s thesis, “Managing an Epidemic: Zika Interventions and Community Responses in Belize.” These awards include the UCF College of Science Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award and the UCF Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award in the Social Science, Humanities, Education, Business, Art and Health. Sophia Sciandra , USF Anthropology major, won the Mac Perry Student Paper Competition sponsored by the Gulf Coast Archaeological Society. Medina Dzaferi , USF Anthropology major, received the 2019 Susan D. Greenbaum Diversity Leadership Award from the USF Department of Anthropology.

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected for the Department of Anthropology Graduate Student Awards for this academic year. The Fathauer Graduate Fieldwork Travel Award: Jonny Barkmeier , “The Effects of Feudalism on Movement in Medieval England: A Biodistance Comparison of Nonmetric Traits on Medieval Populations.” The Kathryn M. Borman Research Award in Interdisciplinary Anthropology: Jean Louise Lammie , “Seminoles, Soldiers, and Settlers: Identity Expressions in the Florida Borderlands.” The Michael V. Angrosino Research Achievement Award: Carrie LeGarde , “Preliminary findings from a visual pair matching study in a large commingled assemblage.” The John S. Freeman Scholarship: Heather Draskovich , “Reorganizing Thoughts on Settlement Patterns at the Weeden Island Site (8PI1).” The Linda M. Whiteford Research Achievement Award in Medical Anthropology: Sarah Bradley , “An Urban Political Ecology of Food Insecurity and Food Bank Use in Post-Industrial Cities in the US and the UK.”
Student Scholarship
Burris, Mecca , Laura Kihlström , Karen Serrano Arce , Kim Prendergast, Jessica Dobbins, Emily McGrath, Andrew Renda, Elisa Shannon, Tristan Cordier, Yongjia Song, and David Himmelgreen (2019) Food Insecurity, Loneliness, and Social Support among Older Adults. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition , doi: 10.1080/19320248.2019.1595253

Eck, Christopher , Jonathan Bethard , and Elizabeth DiGangi (2019) Assessing the Efficacy of Isotopic Provenancing on Human Remains in Colombia. Forensic Science International , in press.

Gonzalez, Paola A. , Rebecca K. Zarger, C. Ann Vitous and Christine Prouty (2019) Understanding Children's Perspectives On Water Resources in Interdisciplinary Research. Practicing Anthropology 41(1):32-37.

Holbrook, Emily A ., Roberta Baer , Dillon Mahoney , Renice Obure and Florence Ackey
(2019) Applying Applied Anthropology: A Project with Applied Anthropologists, Congolese Refugees, and Refugee Service Providers in West Central Florida. Practicing Anthropology 41(1):15-19.

Kihlström, Laura , M. Burris , Jessica Dobbins, Emily McGrath, Andrew Renda, Tristan Cordier, Yongjia Song, Kim Prendergast, Karen Serrano Arce , E. Shannon, and David
Himmelgreen (2019) Food Insecurity and Health-Related Quality of Life: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Older Adults in Florida, U.S. Ecology of Food and Nutrition , doi: 10.1080/03670244.2018.1559160.

Logan, Ryan I. (2019) Not a Duty but an Opportunity: Exploring the Lived Experiences of
Community Health Workers in Indiana through Photovoice. Qualitative Research in Medicine and Healthcare 2:132-144.
Undergraduate Honors
Congratulations to our Honors students, who submitted the following theses: “The Effects of the Global Political Economy on Study Abroad Location Decision Making Processes” by Teddy Horowitz (Advisor: Dillon Mahoney ). “A Validation Study of the Falys and Prangle (2014) Method for Estimating Age-at-Death from the Adult Clavicle” by Caitlyn Babcock (Advisor: Jonathan Bethard ). “Testing a Computation Approach for Estimating Age-at-Death on a Modern Portuguese Population” by Liam Johnson (Advisor: Jonathan Bethard ). “Genomic Areas Associated with MZ Twinning Differ from Those Associated with DZ Twinning” by Kilian Kelly (Advisor: Lorena Madrigal ). “Psychedelic Culture: An Examination of Purpose and Perceptions of Communal Use” by Laura Casas (Advisor: John Napora ). “Foodways of the Florida Frontier: An Analysis of the Faunal Remains from Gamble Plantation, Ellenton, Florida” by Sophia Sciandra (Advisor: Diane Wallman ). “Threatened Archaeological and Cultural Resources in the Tampa Bay Region” by Colby Williams (Advisor: Thomas Pluckhahn ).  Photo: Excavations at Gamble Plantation by Diane Wallman and many undergraduates.
Alumni News
Congratulations to Mecca Burris (M.A., 2018), PhD student in anthropology at Indiana University, who won the Del Jones Memorial Travel Award from the Society for Applied Anthropology. The award recognizes Mecca’s thesis on “Food Insecurity and Age of Menarche.”
Congratulations to Nolan Kline (M.A./M.P.H., 2010; Ph.D., 2015), Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Rollins College, on his new book: Pathogenic Policing: Immigration Enforcement and Health in the U.S. South published by Rutgers University Press.
Congratulations to Lori Collins (Ph.D., 2007) and Travis Doering (Ph.D., 2007), Research Associate Professors and co-Directors of the Digital Heritage & Humanities Collection in the University of South Florida Libraries, on their work with Google Arts & Culture to form the Open Heritage Alliance, which will establish best practices and formal standards around 3D formats, approaches, ethics, digital preservation, and access.
AnthroBulls around the World
Faculty reunion in Morocco, featuring Fulbright awardee Tara Deubel . Photo: (Left: L-R: Heide Castañeda, Elizabeth Miller, Tara Deubel, and Roberta Baer; Right: USF anthropologists on camels in the Sahara.)
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