Anti-Militarization Rally

NEWS FOR October 21, 2014


October 21, 2014


Dear Friends,


This past Sunday, Eddie and I joined approximately 200 others at the International Bridge connecting Brownsville, TX and Matamoras, Mexico, for an Anti-Militarization Rally.

Eddie speaks before the march

The event was sponsored by the Human Rights Coalition of South Texas to welcome Caravana Nacional. Other groups in attendance included Veterans for Peace, Movimiento del Valle, Texas Latina Advocacy Network and the University of Texas Brownsville.

Caravana Nacional travel bus
Caravana Nacional bus

Four generations of persons were in attendance as were persons of various national and cultural backgrounds.

The march begins

It was a short march through the downtown of Brownsville past the International Bridge.  The group reconvened at a small cafe where groups were introduced and upcoming events shared.

Lively entertainment at the cafe

Since we were so close, a couple of friends and I walked to a detention center for children.  It has 70 beds.  We were hoping to see the children playing soccer outside within a fenced area, but we were not in luck.

One Children's Detention Center in Brownsville

Educating and working against border militarization is one of the main objectives of the STHRC.  There has been a subtle increase of militarization within the US and around the world.  Think of Ferguson, MO.  Think of what is constantly shown on television and is commonly in the hands of our children on video games.  Think of the spending on militarization of the border.  It is very clear living here in Falfurrias, that militarization is not preventing migration.  In fact, it is increasing death.  


Or read about a real life example.  Rescuing Regina by Sr. Josefphe Marie Flynn, SSND.   It is the true story of how an asylum seeker and young mother of two, her husband, a feisty nun, a pit bull lawyer, a Catholic parish, and a group of volunteers set aside political differences to galvanize a movement to save Regina.  Read the book.  Make it real.


Thank you for your support and prayers.

Sr. Pam


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