Medical Education
Dear School of Medicine Faculty and Medical Students, 

I am delighted to announce the faculty leadership who will be working with me on a three-year initiative to expand the social justice pillar within the Bridges Curriculum as part of the Differences Matter 2025 initiative and to announce a call for applications for additional faculty educators to join this effort.

The Anti-Oppressive Curriculum Leadership (AOC) Team will work with curricular leaders to enhance content, pedagogy and delivery strategies, to ensure that all elements of the Bridges Curriculum are anti-racist and anti-oppressive. Our goal is that all UCSF medical students will graduate with the preparation they need to combat oppression and advance health equity in our local, national and global communities. For additional information, please refer to this draft Social Justice Pillar Charter
Denise M. Connor, MD
Director, Anti-Oppressive Curriculum 
Associate Professor of Medicine, Gold-Headed Cane Endowed Teaching Chair in Internal Medicine 
Denise is the Director of the Diagnostic Reasoning block, Co-Director of the Academic and Leadership Academy ALAS Program, and inaugural Chair of the Academy of Medical Educator’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.
Charlene M. Blake, MD, PhD
Associate Director, Faculty Consultation
Associate Professor of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care
Charlene is the co-director of the Introduction to Career Launch and Coda courses in the Bridges Curriculum and was faculty lead of the Learning Environment Action Group for the Differences Matter Initiative. 
Aimee Medeiros, PhD
Associate Director, Curriculum Integration UCSF 49
Associate Professor of Humanities and Social Science 
Aimee is the current Chair of the Bridges Curriculum Mapping and Integration Committee and was faculty lead of the Pathways, Outreach, and Pipeline action group of the Differences Matter Initiative.
Call for AOC Curricular Component Liaisons (CCL)
To assist the Anti-Oppressive Curriculum Leadership, we are recruiting for seven additional Curricular Component Liaisons (CCL) to work with the AOC leadership to further develop, refine and implement the Anti-Oppressive curriculum. These positions will cover 20% salary support for two years for each CCL. Each faculty lead will be assigned to collaborate with current curricular leaders to design an anti-oppressive and anti-racist model for at least one component in each phase of the Bridges Curriculum (e.g. pre-clerkship Foundations 1, and clerkships Foundations 2) for the main UCSF program as well as the regional campuses at UC Berkeley and UCSF-Fresno-UC Merced. 

Ideal candidates will have previous experience developing and implementing curricula, especially related to anti-racism and/or other forms of anti-oppression and a passion toward at least one area in social justice, diversity/equity/inclusion, and/or anti-racism/anti-oppression in medicine and/or medical education. Individuals who have not yet participated in the Teaching Scholars Program (TSP) will participate in the ACY 21-22 TSP cohort to optimize their educational leadership skills. 

If you are interested in applying for the position, please fill out the Curricular Component Liaison application by February 22. The application requires a brief statement of interest, CV, and acknowledgement of approval of release time from your departmental leader. 

Medical Education at UCSF is committed to recruiting faculty that come from underrepresented groups in medicine and to increasing opportunities for faculty to develop their educational leadership skills. Note, to preserve parity, faculty educators cannot be funded by more than 40% on UME medical education funds.

Thank you for your continued support of the School’s education mission.

Thank you, 

John Davis, PhD, MD
Associate Dean for Curriculum 
UCSF School of Medicine