Our 18-Week Challenge gives us an opportunity to read articles, listen to podcasts, and view videos dealing with the roots of racial injustice, the systemic racist policies in our institutions, and our own misconceptions of racism. The Challenge creates a dedicated time and space for us to reflect on our own personal experiences, biases, and assumptions. Each week you will be sent a new prompt to explore.

Week 1: August 21, 2020

We may find the next 18 weeks a little uncomfortable.We may find that saying “I am an anti-racist” is different from being an anti-racist. However, we hope the Challenge will give us the knowledge and insights to better understand the difference.For the first week, we have selected the poem Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do by Kandise Le Blanc, an anti-racist storyteller and blogger. This is from her blog Inside the Kandi Dish.
(3 minute read, includes strong language)

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