Anti-Trafficking Newsletter
September 2020
Mark your Calendars!
September Online Series

 Join the Human Trafficking Academy at St. Thomas University this September in a series of invigorating online events focused on welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating migrants and survivors of Human Trafficking! The first of the series is scheduled for Monday, September 21. Registration is now available.
 Faith Communities Fighting Trafficking! 
Sat. Sept. 19th 
Noon (EST)

Join pastors and ministers as they share their work at the community level to combat modern day slavery. Sponsored by the SoCal Faith Coalitions against Human Trafficking, this is an excellent opportunity to hear how faith leaders continue to make a difference,even during the pandemic.

Storytelling Night to Combat Human Trafficking
Thursday, Sept. 24
8:00 pm (EST)

"Survivors have stories to tell.  Listen to them." Join Gateway Human Trafficking  a nonprofit founded by one of USCCB's pioneer Amistad educators for an evening of engaging art and storytelling to combat trafficking during COVID-19. Click here for more details.
What We Know about How Child Sex Trafficking Happens 

Polaris' most recent blog post encourages us to better understand how child sex trafficking is occurring on our streets. Kidnapping as a way of gaining control is actually quite rare. Instead, Polaris clarifies that "traffickers tend to prey on people who are economically or socially vulnerable such as youth who are living in poverty, or on the streets, or experience physical or sexual abuse, or addiction."  Read the entire Polaris blog for more details.
Our Team
Associate Director of Anti-Trafficking

Case Monitoring Specialist 

Lisa Lungren, M.A.
National Outreach and Education Coordinator

Forced Like Jesus to Flee:
Intersection Between Migrants & Human Trafficking
In September, we pay tribute to people on the move by celebrating the 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees. This year, the Holy Father has chosen the theme: Forced Like Jesus to Flee. Let us take time to remember the women, men, and children who must abandon their homes to seek safety and shelter due to violence, conflict, climate change, and abject poverty - and whose vulnerable circumstances heighten their risk of exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking.  It is key for us to strengthen our understanding of these risks to better answer the Pope's call to 
welcome, protect, promote and integrate people on the move, including those who have endured modern-day slavery.

Migrants and their Vulnerability to 
Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery, 
and Forced Labor
This eye opening publication authored by the Minderoo Foundation's Walk Free initiative and IOM examines the nexus between forced migration and human trafficking. It also outlines which subgroups of displaced persons are most at risk - migrants fleeing conflict and violence, children and adolescents traveling without family, men and women working in unregulated industries, and those without legal status. Learn how governments can begin to mitigate abuse and trafficking during transit by providing safe and legal migration pathways, ensuring that child protection laws apply to all children, and closing the legal gaps found in highly unregulated sectors - such as domestic work. To learn more, just download the publication!

Fleeing Home: Refugees and Human Trafficking
Blog brought to you by the Council on Foreign Relations

Don't miss out on what this guest blogger from the Women around the World and the Council of Foreign Relations has to say about the overlap between trafficking and forced migration and how the international community can do a much better job at addressing this reality. Learn how traffickers take advantage of those facing harrowing journeys by tricking them into fraudulent employment and travel arrangements.  Understand why punitive immigration policies in countries of transit and destination impede migrants' ability to reach out for assistance. 

This blog is available on the Council of Foreign Relations website; read it today - you won't regret it. 

Hilton Foundation Shines Light on Sisters Anti-Trafficking Efforts Domestically and Abroad

The Conrad N.Hilton Foundation has done an excellent job  highlighting the trajectory of Catholic Sisters working to eliminate the root causes of human trafficking and to accompany and serve survivors. In her article, author Sabina Wong captures the essence and depth of anti-trafficking ministries led by Catholic Sisters in the United States and around the world.  She also details how Sisters are addressing today's challenges to anti-trafficking work exacerbated by the global pandemic.  Access the article here: Catholic Sisters Lead the Way in the Anti-Trafficking Movement

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