Fight back and vote Thursday, August 4


August 3, 2011


We've put our endorsements at the top so you have quick access to them.  But after the endorsements, I urge you read the mounting evidence that there is a dedicated reaction to the two non-discrimination ordinances we've help pass in Metro Nashville. We need you to vote on August 4.  Please, email and post this message so your friends will see it because some of them haven't voted yet.  Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Mayor--Karl Dean

Vice Mayor--Diane Neighbors 

Equality Consensus
Equality Consensus



Council At-Large Candidates


Every voter in Davidson County may vote for up to 5 candidates for Council At-Large.  TEP PAC has endorsed Megan Barry, Sam Coleman, Jerry Maynard, Ronnie Steine, and Vivian Wilhoite.  


District Races


1                             Lonnell Mathews
2                             Frank Harrison
4                             Brady Banks
5                             Scott Davis
6                             Peter Westerholm
7                             Anthony Davis
8                             Nancy VanReece
11                           Darren Jernigan
13                           Marilyn Robinson
17                           Sandra Moore
18                           David Glasgow
19                           Erica Gilmore
20                           Buddy Baker
21                           Edith Taylor Langster
22                           Seanna Brandmeier
23                           Emily Evans
24                           Jason Holleman
25                           Sean McGuire
26                           Chris Harmon
27                           Davette Blalock
28                           Tanaka Vercher

29                           Vicky Tataryn
31                           Fabian Bedne
32                           Both Jacobia Dowell and Markeith 

Braden would be excellent options for

District 32


Challenges to Electing a Pro-equality Council


*Anti-equality campaigning:  A mailer went out in District 8 attacking the TEP PAC and Victory Fund endorsements of Nancy VanReece.  TEP was specifically called "pro-big government," an epithet frequently thrown at us during the fight for the Contract Accountability Non-Discrimination Ordinance this year.  Nancy will be a great representative of her district and she has risen above the mud-slinging in this race.  As a former TEP Foundation board member, she has put her talents at the disposal of our community.  Let's help elect her to the Council.


*Opposition to CAN DO:  In Districts 25 and 28 candidates James Kaminski and Duane Dominy have told neighbors that they oppose the 2011 CAN DO law. If you live in District 25, please, help re-elect Sean McGuire and if you live in District 28, please, cast your vote for Tanaka Vercher.


*Indifference:  Perhaps the most problematic reaction to CAN DO has been apathy about the election.  The two ordinances the Council has passed are milestones, but we have more work to do.  We need to support those who have a record of helping us move forward.  Our five endorsed At-Large Council candidates all voted for CAN DO.  Please, vote for Megan Barry, Sam Coleman, Jerry Maynard, Ronnie Steine, and Vivian Wilhoite.


I want to single out two more friends of our community-Peter Westerholm in District 6 and David Glasgow in District 18.  Peter is the essential ally.  He was TEP's public policy chair for two years, importantly during the fight for the 2009 non-discrimination ordinance.  He helped with strategy, outreach to allied organizations, and discussions with Council Members.   Equality is not just a word to Peter.  It represents a history of fighting for his friends over the long haul.  He also happens to be a budget expert and extremely knowledgeable about urban issues-assets that will benefit the Council.


David Glasgow has been involved in many of the GLBT organizations in Nashville for more than 10 years.  He has helped them achieve excellence while reaching out to the broader community and making allies.  His understanding of federal, state, and local government as well as his commitment to neighborhoods will be incredible assets on the Council.  We need his experience and work ethic in Metro Government.


*Volunteer for a candidate on Election Day:  Our candidates need help at the polls on Election Day.  Can you hold a sign for one of them for an hour or two on August 4?  If so, contact me at chris@tnequalityproject.com by 5:00 p.m. today!  


Thanks for all you do to advance equality in Nashville.


Chris Sanders

Chair, Nashville Committee  


*Note:  Endorsements are made by TEP PAC, a state political action committee registered in Tennessee.  Joyce Peacock, treasurer.  The endorsements of TEP PAC do not necessarily represent the views of the board of the Tennessee Equality Project. 



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