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Anti-depressants by Dr. Edward Wagner DC
February 2013 
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Have you ever wondered how over 10% of the US population became dependent upon anti-depressants as a solution to not feeling good? The main reason is that the US is only one of 2 countries that allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to the consumer. Basically it is an indoctrination that taking a pill can solve your health problems and make you feel good with a little or no effort on your part. Even diagnostic codes have been added that have caused patients and doctors to perceive normal ordinary life experiences as certifiable mental illness.


The truth is that anti-depressants are basically useless for the vast majority of people who take them. They are only effective on patients with severe symptoms. Paranoia, hallucinations, and violent behavior are all hallmark side effects of anti-depressants drugs. They may even trigger the very symptoms they are touted to suppress.


The over-medication with anti-depressants and anti-psychotics may be the cause of the bizarre and unexplained violence in this country today. If you are interested in more information on the ramifications of these acts of violence and the concurrent use of antidepressants, more information can be found at www.ssristories.com


Here is the reality - Anxiety is merely the normal response to prolonged or chronic stress. Depression is the result of being unable to handle chronic stress while insomnia can be precipitated by stress, anxiety, or depression. Basically, if the normal fight or flight response to stress is not channeled, it turns into anxiety, and the cycle starts.


All of the above are inter-related and can be treated holistically. There are many herbal products available, and recently there are new formulas that work on the specific neurotransmitters involved. In fact, a patient can take a written test to determine which neurotransmitter or hormone or combination is dysfunctional.


The key is that allopathic medicine is negligent in looking for the real causes of depression, such as thyroid problems, lack of exercise, a bad diet, a guilty conscience, medical problems, allergies, environmental factors.


Our clinic specializes in the holistic approach to all of the above. If you, a family member, or a friend is about to or has fallen into the medical paradigm, make an appointment or refer them to us. Let's get to the root and develop a plan for wellness.