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AntiqueTrail.com highlights Texas and much more this month!
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Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont offer unique treasures and cooler temperatures. Not to mention lobster rolls and other regional treats!  Follow the trail! 

Follow the trail to a ten day creative adventure in Boothbay Harbor, Me September 2-11. 2-16

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The deadline for the annual TexasAntiqueTrail.com brochure is August 30, 2016.
The deadline for the annual OhioAntiqueTrail.com brochure is September 1, 2016.
The deadline for the annual IndianaAntiqueTrail.com brochure is September 15, 2016.


Store News

sale roswell ga 425

Smokin' Summer Sale at 425 Market Place in Roswell, GA.  For more information call 770-992-5400 or go to www.425marketplace.com.

Richard Haan is looking for a pie safe/jelly cupboard/hutch.  He will pay top dollar and a glass front is ok.  He lives in Parrish, FL and is willing to travel to purchase.  Size is flexible but is looking for approximately 72" high X 48" wide X 18" deep. Contact Richard at rdhaan@tampabay.rr.com.  

Are you interested in being on television? 

Mark Dalbis is seeking african american men, ideally under 45 years old who own or work in an antique store or manage booths at flea markets - something like that.  A passion for antiques, history, and locating that next great item.  Friendly/Outgoing types with a personality ready for prime time.  For more information, contact Mark at mdalbis@atlasmediacorp.com or go to their webiste www.atlasmedia.tv.  


Clay Rice, silhouette artist and children's author, will be at Main Street Antiques in Summerville, SC on August 26, 2016 from 3-6:00pm.  Call 843-879-9529 for an appointment.  Availability is limited!

GeorgiaAntiqueTrail.com gets another magazine mention!

Marcia was interviewed for over two hours by Marty Steiner, the author of "Treasure in those Hills", an article in Points North Atlanta Magazine.  Here is an exerpt!

"MILE FOR ROLLING MILE, there may be no more diverse and dense antique area than along U.S. Route 441 between the Georgia towns of Dillard and Clayton or even beyond. No matter what your specific interest, there's a shop for that. Some are meticulously organized, others a jumble to be explored.
Antique shops come in many forms...

...In Dillard, home to one of the most concentrated clusters of antique shops I've seen, by the time you can put your checkbook away from one shop, you're already in the next one.
The Appalachian Trader is at the south end of this bunch and presents everything in categorized groups, clean and clearly identified with prices. Their inventory takes you back in time to the old farmstead, general store or tender memories in great grandma's kitchen."Guy stuff" is prominent - tools, fishing equipment, shaving gear and tobacco-related items. A side room is filled with kitchen utensils and books.
Porter's Coffee House & Collectibles' name is somewhat misleading as almost all of its fairly large space is filled with heirlooms, not coffee drinkers. Nor is The Dillard Market the local general store. It is an antique mall with a number of case goods including primitive to formal styles. A top-dollar item was a cherry corner cabinet, along with quilts, a number of kitchen cabinets and folk art by Scott Peppers. Next up, Yesterday's Treasures Antique Mall proudly offers true antiques with 50 dealers represented. This means everything from a pressed glass dealer to Victorian quilts and folk art matchstick boxes may be found. Déjà Vu Antiques specializes in glass, china and pottery. Merchandise is clearly identified and displayed properly by maker and pattern. If you know what you are looking for, you can go right to it! They also offer tools including planes and rulers.
Carol's Back Porch Antique Mall is for people who like to search for their prizes. Straight-sided Coke bottles, Coke carriers, milk bottles, insulators and Hull and McCoy pottery are mixed with iceboxes and furniture. Pa's Front Porch had a few unusual items, including two sets of spurs with silver inlay, a miniature violin (salesman's sample, maybe?) and a number of children's cap pistols. Up Yonder Mini Mall is located directly across the highway from all the other Dillard antique shops and upstairs above Lazy Bear Furniture. A sharp-eyed collector will notice a few signifi can't items among a wide selection of material. Among these are a group of seldom-seen, scale-size spring driven cast metal Indianapolis race cars. Close by is a group of engraved newspaper illustrations from the mid-19th century.

Perched right above the highway and within sight of the Dillard antique shops, the Rabun Manor is both a bed and breakfast as well as a restaurant. Built in 1846, the rooms and common areas are spacious and formal in spite of the fact that the original structure was a country residence. In addition to five guest rooms in the main house, two additional rooms are provided in nearby cabins. Breakfast is served at a fixed time; fixed price dinners on Friday and Saturday are by reservation.
To read the whole article click this link!  PointsNorthAtlanta



ohio brochure 2016 coming
   Even though an associate of AntiqueTrail.com attempts to call each store three times a year to check if the store needs brochures/maps or other help, we have enhanced the website so that the stores can easily order brochures at any time by logging into their accounts and click on the Order Brochure button. It defaults to your state, but you can order other states as well. If you don't need a whole box, you may choose from different amounts.  Individual/non members  may order brochure/maps from the Brochure page.

For more information about brochures, contact Joy at brochures@AntiqueTrail.com or call at 502-963-3686.

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Happy Anniversary to Hanna Antiques!

Congratulations to Bonny and Hanna Antiques on their 37th anniversary!
    Upcoming Shows
          Canton Civic Center First Monday Trade Days
         Canton, TX
         September 1-4, 2016
         September 29- October 1, 2016

Scott Antique Market
Atlanta, GA
September 8-11, 2016

Maine Antique Dealers 19th Annual Coastal Antiques Show
Damariscotta, ME
August 24, 2016

Antique Association of Arcadia
Arcadia, FL
August 27, 2016
September 24, 2016

Southern Lovin' Junkin' Show
Columbus, GA
September 9-11, 2-16

TaWaSi Antiques and Collectibles Show
Thibodaux, LA
September 9-11, 2016

Southern Junkers Vintage Market
Memphis, TN
September 10-11, 2-16

Indy Antique Advertising Show
Indianapolis, IN
September 16-17, 2016

Lakewood 400 Antiques Market
Cumming, GA
September 16-18, 2016

Roller Coaster Yard Sale
Glascow, KY
September 29, October 1, 2016

Who is Pattie Miller?

   Pattie is a retired NASA engineer. She has loved antiques since her childhood. Her favorite piece was her grandmothers first piece of furniture, a washstand. Pattie also loves to refurbish flea market and thrift store finds.

Pattie loves talking to our clients/members and helping them any way that she can. Her goal is truly customer satisfaction!

Phone: 803-834-8104
Email: Pattie@AntiqueTrail.com 

Marcia's Favorite Treasure
john deere carriage

This beautiful John Deere carriage is Marcia's favorite this month. It is available for purchase at CR-71 in Franklin, TN for $2900.  For more information go to  www.CR-71.com  or contact Rick at rdohler@gmail.com or call 615-715-8120. Check out this treasure along with more at Rick's shop and the other twelve members shops in Franklin, Tennessee!

Marcia has another favorite from Tennessee... her cousin's granddaughter.  A true Tennessee treasure!

 Please let us know how we can better serve you! 
Happy Trails!
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