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This month AntiqueTrail.com
offers members a great  deal for New Orleans,
goes home with Marcia to Tennessee,   
 and explores one of Kristin's favorites - French furniture!

 French furniture is beautiful and useful!
by Kristin Hicks
armoire lagniappes
Photo by Kristin Hicks This armoire is available at Lagniappe Antique Mall in Breaux Bridge, LA

     I have a personal love for French furniture.  I was lucky enough to live in France for eighteen months in 2003-2004, and I absolutely fell in love with the furniture we found in Normandy.  The furniture has interesting lines and carved details without being overly formal.  The warm colors of the oak, walnut, and fruit woods are very pleasing to the eye. I also love the long decorative hinges and hardware they used.  

   A common practice during the 1800s was that fathers would painstakingly make beautiful hand carved furniture for their daughters. The pieces would be filled with linens and clothing for their trousseau. There are often motifs of wheat and bread baskets symbolizing prosperity.  

buffet dettail KH
Photo by Kristin Hicks

open armoire KH
Photo by Kristin Hicks





     Even today, many European homes do not have closets so armoires are a necessity.  Although closets are the norm in the United States, French armoires are still an excellent and attractive place to store everything from linens to televisions.
     I currently use my armoire for my television.  This style of French furniture is perfect as a media cabinet.  There is no vertical piece between the two doors making it possible to use a large television inside.  This same type of construction is seen in French buffets.

french buffet KH
                                                   Photo by Kristin Hicks
Hinge detail french KH
                                Photo by Kristin Hicks

Follow the trail to find treasures in Tennessee!
Cookeville flag
      Tennessee is an amazing destination for antique hunters! One will discover an abundance of treasures in the upscale private galleries and multi-vendor malls of Tennessee. The shops and malls are housed uniquely; shops are in historical cottages, bungalows, farmhouses, former gas stations, banks, and theaters. Some owners have re-purposed entire mills, factories, and shopping malls.  The photo on the left and right are in historical Clinton, TN
Cookeville 3

        Clinton's 14 vintage and antique stores have earned it a place in Fodor's list of top ten antiquing towns in the US. Park once; walk to all 14 stores! Spend a day or two.  Cadence Craft and Trade has Amelia's CafĂ© - you will love the soup and sandwiches!  Clinton's Antique Shows are the first weekend in May and the second weekend in October.  Marcia found this RC cola cooler last week in Clinton.  It still works!  (She didn't buy it, but she is "hinting" for it for Christmas from her son.)

Cookeville RC cooler

     Ten of Fayetteville TN  antique stores are on the historical square! Many of the buildings housing the antique stores were erected in 1800's. The other stores are nearby. Join Fayetteville for the Slawburger Festival each year in April.  Marcia highly recommends those burgers!  


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The deadline for inclusion in the 2016 TXAntiqueTrail.com brochure/map is August 1,  2016.  Wendy is in Texas as we write! 

This month's featured store is...
Shelton Lane Antiques in Manchester, TN

Ruby and Harold have been collecting and selling antiques for years.  They were among AntiqueTrail.com's very first members!  When you drive down their tree lined drive, you will think you will have arrived in antique heaven.    They have several buildings filled with variety.  They have a country store with authentic vintage items that would have been available when many of us were children.   The huge clock is from Twitty City.  The dental cabinet just arrived and won't last long.  They have buildings filled with memorabilia.

Shelton Lane TN2
Shelton Lane clock

Shelton Lane dental


Store News!

Southern Accents Architectural Antiques  in Cullman, Alabama has been awarded the "Best of Bama Award" for the second time in the last three years! This award is given by Alabama Magazine for the best antiques store in the state.  Congratulations!


A customer is looking for an antique wood stove that is not miniature for $50. Contact Maxwell at realmaxwellkremerhuman@gmail.com.

Chuck Miller is looking to quickly sell some mid 1940's movie theater seats along with around 700 new theater seats.  Please email Chuck at  383belair@gmail.com if you are interested.

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    Upcoming Shows

Scott Antique Market
Atlanta, GA 
August 11-14, 2016

Fostoria Glass Society of Tennessee
Nashville, TN
July 16-17, 2016

Murfreesboro Antique Show
Murfreesboro, TN
July 15, 17, 2016

Lakewood 400 Antiques Market
Cumming, GA
July 15-17, 2016

Antique Association of Arcadia
Arcadia, FL
July 23, 2016
August 27, 2016

Canton Civic Center First Monday Trade Days
Canton, TX
July 28-31, 2016

Metrolina Expo Vintage and Antiques Show
Charlotte, NC
August 4-7, 2016

Maine Antiques Festival
Union, ME
August 5-7, 2016

Maine Antique Dealers 19th Annual Coastal Antiques Show
Damariscotta, ME
August 24, 2016


Monthly Associate Highlight
brochures false river
Photo by Kristin Hicks, False River Antique Market
Who is Kristin Hicks?

     I am currently working as Media Specialist and Customer Support for AntiqueTrail.  I create this newletter each month with the help and advice from all the AntiqueTrail.com staff.  I am a graduate of Auburn University and am from Auburn, AL. I recently moved back to Auburn with my family after spending twenty years following my husband's Marine Corps career around the world. My love for antiques was inspired by my mother who is an avid collector. I lived in England and France where I developed my love for French furniture, black and white transferware and barley twist!

     I have been in Louisiana this month visiting my in-laws! My mother-in-law and I stopped by a few of our AntiqueTrail.com member shops. We had a great day in Breaux Bridge visiting Lagniappe Antique Mall and Bayou Town Flea Market.  We also found some goodies at False River Antique Market in New Roads.  Notice that one of the photos used above in the article about French furniture came from Lagniappe Antique Mall.  We would also like to thank Bayou Town Flea Market and False River Antique Market for their nice displays of our Louisiana AntiqueTrail brochures!


broch bayou town
Photo by Kristin Hicks, Bayou Town Flea Market
Photo by Dan Hicks

Re-use, Re-cycle and Up-cycle!

     Antique rakes can be used to hang almost any item in the home.   This photo shows a rake used to display some old ladles, but they can also be used to hang picture frames, hand towels or stemware. The photo to the right was taken at my mother-in-laws home.  The photos below middle are from the Junque Yard in Fayetteville, TN.   The photo on the left was taken on the trail in Woodbury, TN. 

Photo by Kristin Hicks
MA photo rake
Photo by Marcia Arnold
Junque Yard TN rake1
Photo by Marcia Arnold

JunqueYard TN rake 2
Photo by Marcia Arnold

Where is Wendy?
Wendy daughter wedding

She has been busy planning a wedding for her lovely daughter!  It looks like things turned out beautifully! 

Wendy corsage


Marcia's Favorite Treasure
 was found this month in her home county - this sign was found and restored on a wall in downtown Cookeville, TN!  (There are eight antique stores in Cookeville, TN.)
Cookeville coke sign
Photo by Marcia Arnold

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Happy Trails!

Kristin Hicks, Newsletter Editor

Marcia Arnold 
Bruce Pate 
and the AntiqueTrail.com team