Antique Trail Sale


Our March Antique Trail Sale starts in one week!


Last year I sent a questionnaire to all members regarding a March and September Trail Sale.

An overwhelming majority agreed to participate! (A few stores have established times for sales each year; we do not want to interfere.  There is no requirement to participate.) There are no rules as to what is on sale and how much discount, etc.  You may have a few items or a store full with a percentage off. It is still a sale!


It is often possible to obtain free publicity for scheduled events. This multi-state sale is an event!  The additional publicity will bring more people to your store and will help brand as the source for antique shops/malls in the South.


We had coverage for the September Sale in several newspapers, magazines, and other media. One such article came after last year's sale but just in time for this year's sale:


It will take time for everyone in the South to know about the Antique Trail Sale, but let us begin now!


I have been sending detailed press releases to various media. Please share the information with your local newspaper and magazine "events" editors, your FB, and friends.




If you need more brochures, email, and let us know the state(s), quantity (50, 150, etc.), your name, business name, and address.




Please look at our website,, which shows all our states' trails together!


Follow the trail as you go on buying trips.  Please tell other members that you found them on!  


We plan to add Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina  to the Trail this year.


Please "like" us and share your treasures on!  

Thank you again for making a reality! 
Let us know how we can better serve you or improve our services. 
Happy Trails!

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