TN Trail - Spring Sale Photo

March Antique Trail Sale


Spring is here!  I took this photo last spring while following; it is beside Rocking Horse Antique Gallery in Crossville.  I grew up in Tennessee; this photo makes me homesick!


Over 150 newspapers were notified of the March Antique Trail Sale! Some of the states placed the sale in their state tourism guides and on their websites.  Please help by encouraging the tourism organizations to support the trail and by thanking them when they do. 


 Please forward the next paragraph to encourage others to enjoy the spring and take in the Antique Trail Sale. 


There are over 600 stores on in 6 southeastern states participating! To see photos of the shops and malls before you travel, go to website and see each state's stores' websites with photos, maps, hours, description, etc.,,,,,, etc. make up!


This is how one of our stores shared on Facebook! I want this for Mother's Day!




Courthouse Antiques in Eutaw, Alabama is participating in the March Sale!  
Our dealers have discounted many of their items, and we invite you to come in and save! Antiques are "green", they are a great investment, and they can be handed down as heirlooms from generation to generation. We specialize in 18th C. and 19th C. American furniture, along with decorative accessories such as glass, porcelain, lamps, chandeliers, paintings and prints. etc. Please visit our shop in Historic Eutaw, Alabama!



You may now login to your member account and add your antiques related events to the CALENDAR showing on the front of all the states websites.  This option is on the Home page.  Call or email if you need help with this. 





Your Domain Name

Remember to use your domain name/website in all your advertisement.  It will lead the reader straight to your store!   Mrs. Holder's Antiques, Natchez, MS was  featured in last months Country Living Magazine. They printed her website name which we had created for her.  The more people know, the people will go shopping at your store! 


Let us know how we can better serve you or improve our services. 

Happy Trails!
Marcia Arnold





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