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Please email if you need more. has over 800 members and eight state brochures!
The first annual brochure was mailed last week.
The first annual is being mailed this week.




The first brochure will be published in November.   
The fifth annual brochure deadline is November 1.
The second annual brochure deadline is November 10.


I feel extremely honored to have three of the premier educational resources for early southern antiques and decorative arts as members: 
Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA) in Winston-Salem, NC,   Natchez Antiques Forum and the Natchez Pilgrimage in Mississippi.

I visited MESDA last month, and plan to go back often. MESDA houses the finest collection of early Southern decorative arts in the country. Internationally renowned, MESDA is a remarkable experience that tells the story of the early south through an unparalleled collection of  furniture, ceramics, silver, paintings, textiles, and other decorative arts. I stayed in the historic Winston-Salem village; the photo above was a mural in the Inn.

I plan to arrive in Natchez for the second time this year early Wednesday, November 6 to attend the forum. I attended the spring Natchez Pilgrimage and did not want to leave. The Thirty-Sixth Annual Natchez Antiques Forum, a one, two, or three-day event (your choice) celebrates the study of material culture and commemorates the sesquicentennial of Natchez falling to Union occupation. Distinguished speakers include descendants of Jefferson Davis and General Ulysses S. Grant. Enjoy the speakers, home tours, dinner at Dunleith, The Elms or Twin Oaks as well as the Stanton Hall Soiree. You may still make reservations at

Speaking of Soiree, the Texas Antique Week at Round Top was a wonderful, western, wow experience. I had the best brisket sandwich in the above pictured saloon. I can hardly believe that in the middle of three or four beautiful pastoral/ranch, rural crossroad towns, there are suddenly 1000s of antique and vintage vendors and even MORE buyers.
As Betty and I distributed postcards, we were delighted to hear how many people had followed the trail and to find many of our members there!   The next show is March 26 - April 6, 2014! Please plan to go to the show as a buyer and/or seller (Wear comfortable boots!). Some of the top shows' banner ads may be seen on and the new
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