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SouthCarolinaAntiqueTrail.com has 42 new members! 
I found jasmine blooming, exquisite antiques, and wonderful, friendly people in South Carolina. However, I have been chased out of South (note SOUTH) Carolina twice in the last month or so because of snow!  For that reason, I have changed the deadline for the first SouthCarolinaAntiqueTrail.com brochure to March 10. (Yellow Jasmine is South Carolina's state flower and is a sign of spring!)  
March Antique Trail Sale starts this Saturday!

Our main objectives are to increase the number of shoppers and buyers in your stores
and to promote all member stores of AntiqueTrail.com.  Two years ago I sent out a questionnaire to all members about a spring and fall sale; an overwhelming majority agreed to participate in two sales a year.  There were only eight who did not wish to participate at that time, and that is fine. Many stores already have an established time for sales each year which have become traditions. We do not want to interfere.  There are no rules as to what is on sale and how much discount, etc. You may have a store full of sale items or one item or one booth or a few items with a percentage off.  It is a sale!

If all of you participate in some way, it will be the largest antique sale ever! We just have to let everyone know about both the March and September sale every year!   It is often easy to obtain free publicity for scheduled events. Please copy and send the info below  (news release) to all your Facebook friends, email buddies, your local newspapers and radio stations.  Share it often on all social media! Use one of your beautiful antique or vintage pieces from your store to spread the word!


Let's concentrate on sharing the news about AntiqueTrail.com to 10 people each day for the month of March - roughly 800 stores x 10 = 8000 each day x 30 days???  


News Release - AntiqueTrail.com - February 28, 2014
March Antique Trail Sale 
There are over 800 stores on AntiqueTrail.com in 10 southern states participating
in the March Antique Trail Sale! To see photos of the shops and malls before
you travel, go to AntiqueTrail.com website and see each store's website with
photos, maps, hours, description, etc.  You may also find brochures in 9 southern states' welcome centers and in member shops. Please like us at Antique Trail FB!


GROUP TOUR SOUTHEASTERN magazine publishes trail interview


I am always pleased and thankful when magazines have called me for interviews and then  mentioned us in their publications, but this one was very exciting because hopefully it will bring you GROUPS of buyers!  See the article here: http://bt.e-ditionsbyfry.com/publication/?i=197107&p=12.  
Texas Antique Week - March 22 - April 6, 2014

AntiqueTrail.com associates will be spreading the word and distributing AntiqueTrail.com post cards and brochures again at the spring show!  Last fall we were fortunate to have six major shows join the trail. 


Please consider showing your wares with one of these vendors and/or go to shop and to experience the event.  Spaces are still available.  Please tell the show organizers you heard about them from AntiqueTrail.com.  Many of our members show at Texas Antique Week.  For years, several of my members have told me I needed to experience Round Top.  Well, they were so right. I wish I'd been going every spring and fall.  


We found that many people brought a truck full to sell, and then bought a truck full to take home to their stores.  I had several vendors tell me that they sold more during Texas Antique Week than they did any other period of the year.  

Recently, a member of the Round Top Chamber of Commerce called me. He was delightful and welcomed us to Texas!  He had picked up a TxAntiqueTrail.com brochure.  I took this picture of their Chamber last fall.  Look at that BLUE sky!   Below the photo of the Chamber is a list of our Texas Antique Week Shows.  You will be amazed when you visit any of these shows!    






Natchez Spring Pilgrimage

March 8 - April 8, 2014
I always see different homes every time I go to the Pilgrimage. Twenty seven homes will be open this spring. It is truly a southern experience not to be missed.   There are also nine wonderful antique stores in Natchez!  See NatchezAntiqueTrail.com  
Stay at our AntiqueTrail.com associate members MarciasCottages.com and LindenBandB.com. 



Look at AntiqueTrail.com Calendars for more events - add yours too!


Renninger's Antique Center, FL -  Every Weekend - Fri - Sun


Woodstock Market, GA 2-Year Anniversary and Monthly Market - Mar 1-2


Scott Antique Markets.com, GA  - March 6-9

Arcadia Antique Fair, Arcadia, FL -  Fourth Saturday  


Antique Alley Arkansas -  AR- April 12-13




WANTED - These are some emails that I have recently received - thought some of you may have some of these requested objects. 



I am looking for a pub table that will extend to 60". What is the best way to search for this in the central Georgia area? 

Jean - memories01@cox.net - (478) 477-4798


I am looking for memorabilia related to unlimited hydroplane racing, especially in the 1950s and 1960s.  I believe Guntersville hosted unlimited hydroplane races in the 1960's.

 Steve Nelson - (509) 370-4209


I am a 1965 graduate of Troy and lived several quarters in the old Hotel Troy.  I am looking for pictures or post cards of the old hotel. 

Wayne - STUBAL@aol.com




We want to reiterate that you may receive phone calls trying to sell additional services that are not related to AntiqueTrail.com. These services are not necessary for our service, nor do we recommend them. Please feel free to email or call us with questions or concerns.  


Please let Joy know if you need more brochures at





I found the base cabinet for the sink in Texas for less than $100.  It has brass handles and latch. The smoke colored glass sink is not easy to keep clean, but it is in a guest bathroom.  My soap dish is a vintage plate from Florida with two oranges on it.  The scented soap is from Summerville, SC. 



Happy Trails!

Marcia Arnold 
Bruce Pate

and the AntiqueTrail.com team: Andrew, Betty, Cindy, Joy, Melissa, and Wendy

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