The 2014 brochure deadline is Thursday of this week.


The 2014 brochure will be emailed for customer review this week.  


The 2014 brochure will be shipped at the end of this week.


Please see Brochures on the website for due dates for inclusion in other annual brochures. has first members!


With great excitement, we welcome our new associate, Lori Pecor, a resident of Booth Bay, Maine.  Lori has started in the north eastern most state and will be coming this way!



Visit Maine's Nobleboro Antique Exchange and watch their video  

and be whisked away to Downton Abbey without leaving the US. 

 has brochures in 10 states!  


I have been in all 10 of our member states this year!  Wendy and Betty have been in five states each!   It is such a pleasure getting to know all of you; you are the true treasures!  THANK YOU for making this happen!  
 member websites have new options




You may design your own header for your website if it was created using software.  Use a horizontal photo, crop/edit to be 1/4  to 1/8 the height.  If this happens to be the front of your store with your business name showing, then just upload the photo and name it header.



If you want to add your store name to a photo, crop/edit a horizontal photo to 1/8 to 1/4 then use software like Microsoft Paint to add your store name to the photo.  Upload the photo and name it header





Additional Pages


You may also add additional pages and multi-photo galleries to your created website.  Several stores are testing the new software.  Details will be in the next e-blast! 


Facebook plug in is now available on the front page of your website in addition to the icon so that your latest Facebook photo may be seen when one searches for your website.  



Why do some shops have larger ads?

How do you get on the front or back?


Members frequently ask me the questions above.  Some shops have larger ads and are on the front or back because they pay more.   Please see the pricing information below.  This pricing is in addition to the basic $300 member price.  This information is also on the website under the Join tab.   If you are a member and buy one of these spaces, you also get a banner ad.  Some members reserve these spaces by paying in advance.






It is time for the beach, lake or mountains has shops and malls all along the way!  

Please tell the shops that you visit that you saw them on the trail!  

Here are examples of banner ads and places at the beach, lake, or mountains.  Notice that these shops or towns are also on the vertical brochure ads of their respective state. 













Please add your store events to the calendar of events. You may now add photos and there is a map! 

We want to reiterate that you may receive phone calls trying to sell additional services that are not related to These services are not necessary for our service, nor do we recommend them. Please feel free to email or call us with questions or concerns.  


Horizontal photographs show better on the front of the website and in the photo gallery.


Please let us know how we can improve our services.


Please let Joy know if you need more brochures at


One of My Favorite Finds


I found this along the trail and HAD to buy it for my son who has a cat name Red Jack; it looks like Red Jack.  My son said he appreciated the thought, but it just did not seem to fit his home.  I put it in my sailboat/bunk room. I love it.  My son sleeps there when he visits so he does enjoy it?  






Happy Trails!

Marcia Arnold 
Bruce Pate
and the team

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