Here's one of 20+ chests for sale at the new member store, Village Green Antique Mall, Hendersonville, NC during the September Antique Trail Sale

Our third September Antique Trail Sale starts in  less than a month.  Our main objectives are to increase the number of buyers in your stores and to promote all member stores of  Two years ago, I emailed a questionnaire to all members and an overwhelming majority agreed to participate.  There were only a few who did not wish to participate, and that is fine. Many stores already have an established time for sales each year which have become traditions. We do not want to interfere.  There are no rules as to what is on sale and how much discount, etc. You may have a store full of sale items or one item or one booth or a few items with a percentage off. It is a sale!  
It is now the largest antiques sale ever!  We just have to get the word out!  It is often easy to obtain free publicity for scheduled events. Please email the press release below to local newspapers, magazines, your customers, and share on FB.
There are over 900 stores on in 10 southern states participating in the September Antique Trail Sale! To see photos of the shops and malls before you travel, go to the website and see each store's websites with photos, maps, hours, description, etc.   Take a brochure/map with you on your trip, email for copies. 


This set of Dresden is on sale at Jane Asher Antiques, Hendersonville, NC during the September Trail Sale.  I have the reticulated fruit bowls and plates, cups and saucers, salad plates, but not the dinner plates! Is anyone in my family reading this?
This 1917 National Cash Register is in Sheppard's Bear Den Antiques Wayneville, NC.  Check with Tom for the September Trail Sale price!  

 Needful Things Antique Mall , Hendersonville, NC has this remarkable counter!  Hurry, before it is gone.
Antiquities Antique Mall, Hendersonville, NC features  furniture, but these items interested me.  I have a "scoop" that I found in a barn in Italy.  
Email us photos of sale items from your store so we may feature them on the roller.  
Like us on FB; we now have over 6000 likes.  Our goal is to reach 10000 likes by the time we reach a 1000 stores.   

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One of My Favorite Finds
This piece of pottery is from Putnam County, Tennessee, where I was born!  This is my friend's find, and yes, those are real flowers.  You may also find treasures like these in the stores near Cookeville and Sparta, Tn. 
Happy Trails!
Marcia Arnold 
Bruce Pate
And the team: Betty, Joy, Kay, Kristen, Melissa, and Wendy

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