It seems like we are inundated with all things Cuban these days! With the latest changes in our foreign relations with Cuba, we are surrounded with everything from Cuban sandwiches to thoughts of travel to the island nation.  When Cuba comes to mind, we cannot help but think of wonderful old things with photographs of the antique cars on the roads and the old buildings.  When it comes to antiques, my family has a Cuban treasure that I would like to share!

Photo by Kristin Hicks

My grandmother received these Cuban dolls as a gift when she was a little girl.  The dolls were given to her by her Aunt Beulah Wilson who was a Presbyterian missionary in Cuba from around 1900-1916.  Although not very politically correct in today's world, the dolls represent the social classes in Cuba at that time.  Various skin colors are depicted along with clothing styles of that time.  The amount of detail put into the clothes and hair is fantastic, just look at the curls and the beautiful hat! Truly a Cuban antique treasure!
Photos by Kristin Hicks
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Our first store in New York!  We are looking forward to more shops from NY joining us!
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Dec 26, 2015
Northgate Gallery Antiques in Brentwood, TN!
This shop features museum quality antiques and has a great blog as well!  
   One of our antiquing friends is looking for a very particular Christmas gift.  If any of you have seen an ashtray from Sonny's BBQ restaurant (in Florida) that says "I stole this from Sonny's" or "Stolen from Sonny's BBQ" please send a message to   
Congratulations to our new shop owner Patsy Miller!  She not only is the owner of Pat's Corner in Ridge Springs, South Carolina, but she has also been elected the mayor of her town! 
The Fancy Flea is coming to Madison, FL on November 14th! Don't miss it!
De'France Antiques in Ft Walton Beach, FL will be holding their Junk Fest on Nov 7th and their Christmas Market on Nov 14th!  It's a great place to find Christmas gifts!
Congratulations to the Dauphine Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, LA!  A dear friend of is bringing in so many honors!  Recently this lovely hotel has been honored by Conde Nast as the winner of the Conde Nast Traveler Reader's Choice Award as one of the top ten New Orleans hotels!  They have also been recognized by USA Today as the 4th most haunted hotel, the perfect place to stay for Halloween!

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What can you do with one of those cute English silver toast racks?  Here is an idea!  A pretty display for tiny antique books! 
toast rack books toast rack table  

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