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June 10th, 2020
Springs Recovery Connection Mission
To strengthen the recovery community through peer and family support, public education and advocacy.
How to Make Antiracist Work a Part of Your Recovery Program
We might say the wrong thing. We might do the wrong thing or take the wrong action or step on someone’s toes within the recovery space. We must be willing to stay open and vulnerable and understand that we are students always learning and correcting without ego. We must ensure recovery spaces are safe and welcoming and open to feedback from the Black community. Don’t quit the work because you made a mistake. 

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Take the Forgiveness Quiz
Before starting the quiz, think about someone—a friend, a spouse, a family member, a co-worker—who has hurt you. Then respond as honestly as possible to the following 12 questions with that person in mind, indicating how much you agree or disagree with each statement.

Family Therapy Can Help
When someone is affected by mental illness or addiction, it can affect the entire family. When that person enters treatment, the family’s pain and confusion don’t just go away. How does any family member move past the damage that has occurred? How does the family as a whole strengthen the ties that hold it together? Family therapy is one answer. It works together with individual therapy for the benefit of all family members.

Recovery Hero: Alan Henley
I began the journey of recovery in 1986 and have been free of alcohol and drugs since 1988
I am not proud of anything- it is all only by the grace of a power greater than self. I have had a 36 year career as a pharmacist and participated in raising a family that are all healthy functioning productive members of society. I have written several books about awareness and self-understanding. I am a grandfather to 3 beautiful grandkids.
My lowest point was being unable to stop drinking and using drugs, 'failing' a 28 day treatment program, becoming unemployable, being banned from being able to see my newborn son.
Sponsoring others in recovery is a way I serve today.
Does the shoe fit?
  • Do you want to provide linkage to the recovery community, treatment and other support?
  • Do you want to know the system of care and how to navigate it?
  • Do you want to have established contacts and recovery partnerships in the community?

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