A Note from the Pruitt Family
Dr. Alejandro and Kimberly Pruitt
At Antonian College Preparatory High School (ACP), our twins, Alex and Emma, have found a truly special home – one that is based on faith, character formation, family, and excellence in both academics and competitive sports. 

Our first year at Antonian was everything we could have hoped for, at least until the pandemic hit us in March! Starting each class with prayer, and attending Mass once a week, set a great tone for our children. Emma and Alex both had a rigorous honors curriculum where they were challenged, and were surrounded by many motivated and talented students. Emma found a new group of friends in Cheer, but had to work extra hard as she had not had prior formal training like many of her peers. This was a test of her resilience and character, and she learned the importance of not giving up, and teamwork. It has been inspiring to see the team flourish, finishing 2nd in the country in their division at Nationals.

Alex found a new set of friends on the freshman football team, priding himself on making sure that every hit counted. He too had to learn some important life lessons that included not giving up, even when there was no hope of winning, restraint when taunted by opposing teams, and the importance of good sportsmanship. This was definitely a character-building season for Alex and the other boys, as they were frequently outsized and overmatched by other schools. Perhaps the highlight of his year was the IHS retreat. The Holy Spirit was working overtime that weekend, and Alex was able to experience the first true spiritual high of his life – it was great to see!

As we attended various ACP activities, we also began to recognize that there was a need for significant upgrading of many of our dated facilities. We learned about the ongoing capital campaign, and we asked how we might be able to help. We were surprised to learn that the ACP community was solely responsible for funding these much-needed upgrades for our students. Additionally, we were inspired by former and current ACP families who had given generously to the campaign, and were particularly humbled to learn of the many ACP faculty and administrators who had also committed to helping out financially, going above and beyond their already noble task of educating, and guiding our precious children. 

We felt compelled to make a financial contribution to the campaign, but with Phase IIA, a brand new indoor multi-sport facility equipped with a new weight room, training room, and girls lockers, we needed to do more. We committed ourselves to helping find additional sources of funding, as well as do what we could to increase awareness about the capital campaign among current families and alumni.

We would encourage all parents to please do more than just drop off and pick up your children at the front of the school. Request a tour of the places where your children learn, exercise, change, bathe, and compete. You will quickly realize that there are significant improvements needed to benefit not just our current students, but the many families that will come behind us. We have all benefitted from the facilities that were originally built many years ago, and of the completion of Phase I of the campaign, the Pettit Family Center for Academic Excellence. If you value a faith based Catholic education for your children, we must remain competitive with the many public, charter, and other competing private schools. We petition you to consider paying it forward and supporting our efforts to start and complete Phase II of the Our Faith, Our Hope, Our Future Capital Campaign. Please help us to achieve a 100% participation among all alumni and parents in this endeavor, no matter how much or how little you contribute, please give – every dollar counts.
Planned Giving
Did you know that there are ways to support the Antonian College Preparatory High School Endowment Fund that don’t affect your current lifestyle or family’s security? Through your will, living trust, or retirement account, you can provide a future gift for the Antonian College Preparatory Endowment Fund. This is a simple, meaningful way to provide for your family’s future while also addressing the future needs of Antonian.

Antonian’s Endowment Fund is a permanently restricted fund managed by the Catholic Community Foundation to ensure its growth, protection in perpetuity, and provide distributions to Antonian. The funds are professionally invested and guided by Catholic Social Responsible Investing.

If you have already included the Antonian Endowment Fund in your estate plans, please let us know so that we can show our appreciation for your thoughtfulness now. We want to be sure that we recognize your gift in a way that is meaningful to you. 

If you have not yet remembered the Antonian Endowment Fund in your estate plans, you may contact Deacon John Benage, Vice President for Gift and Estate Planning at the Catholic Community Foundation, who will be happy to assist you in choosing a gift that best suits your situation and interests. Please contact him at (210) 732-2157 or by email at John.Benage@ccftx.org. You can also visit www.ccftx.org for more information.

A planned gift is a beautiful way to leave a lasting legacy for the benefit of Catholic high school education at Antonian!
If you are interested in supporting the Capital Campaign
there are a number of ways you can help:

  • Pray for the success of the Capital Campaign.
  • Share the goal of the Capital Campaign with others.
  • Make a financial gift - click here.


Antonian Capital Campaign
6425 West Ave.
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Come by, say hi, and take a tour of our new Pettit Family Center for Academic Excellence.

Contact Information:

Mark Papich, Director of Strategic Development and Alumni Relations
Email: mpapich@antonian.org
Phone: 210-344-9265 ext. 114