Vol. 1 #11 June 16, 2017
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Latino Voters May Decide Control of Congress in 2018

By SVREP President Antonio Gonzalez  @AGonzalez1217

Los Angeles, CA, June 12, 2017


This is not usually the case. Usually in June after a Presidential Election no one is

thinking about the Mid-Year or interim Congressional and Gubernatorial Elections,

but like it or not that’s where we are at today.


Blame President Trump. His inability to move the Republican majority of both

Houses of Congress to enact any meaningful legislation plus his near constant

alleged scandals lead him to focus on sensationalistic Presidential

Executive actions that inflame partisan passions on both sides.


As a result, Trump’s every move is aimed at ginning up his hardcore extremist

electoral base in preparation for 2018: renegotiate NAFTA; solicit bids for the

border wall; prepare list of Sanctuary cities to persecute; increase immigrant

detentions; cancel DAPA; withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord; reinstate

travel and investment restrictions with Cuba; repeal Wall Street regulations; and so



These actions obligate Latino leaders to contemplate a response. What is

our Community’s interest? Well across the board Latino voters favor legislation on

1) immigrant legalization; 2) climate change mitigation; and 3) reconciliation with



And guess what: numerous swing federal house districts just happen to have

big Latino voter potentials. In fact, 60% of the districts needed to gain a pro-

immigrant majority in Congress are located just in six states: CA, AZ, NM, CO,

NV and FL.


Those are the facts on the ground. Now it’s up to Latino leaders to marshal the

resources to do what they almost never do: massively and strategically mobilize

Latino voters in an off-year.


Consider this: a pro-immigrant House (could be democratically controlled or

controlled by bipartisan coalition) after 2018 could pass common sense

immigrant legalization bill that would have a serious chance in the moderate

Senate. What would Trump do with that on his desk? The same could be said of

the right to travel to Cuba. Food for thought no?


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