Vol. 1 #9 May 30, 2017
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Local Elections Characterize Latino Politics in 2017

By SVREP President Antonio Gonzalez  @AGonzalez1217

Los Angeles, CA, May 31, 2017

          Local Elections Characterize Latino Politics in 2017

In my last blog I talked about the emerging 2018 electoral cycle. But it’s important
to acknowledge that important races are underway right now in 2017. The two that
SVREP are watching are in San Antonio with the June 10th Mayoral Run-off and
Northeast Los Angeles with the June 6th Run-off for CD34.

SVREP was active in both races hosting 10 Candidate Coffees (Café con su
Candidato) in February and March in San Antonio. The first round of the
elections culminated in mixed-race challenger City Council Ron Nirenberg forcing
African American incumbent Mayor Ivy Taylor into a run-off -early voting has
already began and a close election is predicted. Of course, Latinos at 50%+ of all
San Antonio voters will be decisive in electing the winner, if they block vote…

In northeast LA, SVREP partnered with Strategy Session to conduct eight
luncheons and interviews with top tier primary CD34 and LA Councilmanic
Candidates in Feb and March. The video interviews were widely viewed on social
media and one of the interviewees Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez finished first in
the primary. Next Tuesday Gomez faces Korean businessman Robert Lee Ahn.
Vote by mail is already underway and again Latino voters in the majority Latino
district should be decisive -if they block vote.

Underscoring both races is the phenomena of interethnic competition distinct from
the historic White-Black/Black-Black or White-Latino/Latino-Latino competition
that has characterized minority politics historically.

We saw this is Nov. 2016 in southern California where Latina City Hermosa Beach
Councilwoman Nanette Barragan defeated African American State Senator Isadore
Hall in the race for open seat CD44 in LA County’s South Bay by 52% to 48%.
Similarly, Latina Eloise Reyes defeated African American Assembly incumbent
Cheryl Brown for AD47 in San Bernardino County. The same happened in New
York City where Dominicano Adriano Espaillat defeated African American
favorite Kevin Wright to succeed retiring incumbent Charles Rangel in CD13 in
the decisive Democratic Primary. Or in central Florida where Darren Soto was
elected as the first Puerto Rican US Rep in the history of Florida from a
historically (but no longer) white District,

My point is the traditional Black-White paradigm which still dominates
mainstream US socio-political thinking and practice should be set-aside in favor of
the new reality of multiculturalism with a Latino and Asian twist. We
are already living that social reality in many cities and states. Now
multicultural competition has entered politics. And we’re doing just fine
thank you.

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