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By SVREP  President Antonio Gonzalez

Los Angeles, CA, July 20, 2017


Economic Boycott of Texas Gaining Momentum Among Raza Leadership


Good news: last week we talked about raising the demand for dissolution of Mr. Trump’s misnamed “voter integrity” commission, and this week the “commission” quietly announced it was shelving its widely rejected request for voter databases from the states!


Today we wanted to share insights from a swing to Austin, Texas this week. At the July 19 SVREP Latino Vote reception held together with the Mexican American Legislative Caucus (MALC) of the Texas House of Representatives and the Hispanic Legislative Caucus of the Texas Senate the room was abuzz with word of veteran Texas civil rights attorney Jim Harrington’s call early this week for an economic boycott of Texas to pressure the state for a repeal of the recently enacted anti-Mexican law SB4.


Harrington’s call was carried in the widely respected Texas Observer and was

reinforced in the minds of the event attendees by the results of a recent leadership

poll conducted by the National Institute for Latino Policy, the results of which said

80% of Latino leaders across the country favored a Texas Boycott.


SB4 also called the “show me your papers law” is arguably the worse in a series of

anti-immigrant/anti-Latino laws passed over the last twenty years, the most well-

known being Prop 187 in California in 1994 and SB1070 in Arizona in 2010.


In my remarks, I recalled to the crowd that in both California and Arizona the racist laws sparked Latino organizing and voter rebellions that turbocharged Latino voting, punished the parties and politicians that sponsored the laws, and ultimately overturned them. I asked the crowd if this was what would happen in Texas as well?


I told them that various Texas organizations were coming together to launch a state

fight back conference thru the Texas Latino Congreso in September and everyone

should get involved.


Afterwards three different legislators told me they supported the Texas boycott which presumably would consist of demanding that non-Texas entities move conventions and events to other states unless SB4 was repealed. Coincidentally a Chicano marketing expert sent me an old policy paper that talked of defending of the Dreamers back in 2006 with the tactic of corporate boycotts!


Imagine the leverage that would be gained if Latino leaders in Texas published a list of good corporations that opposed SB4 and blacklisted those corporations that funded the racists legislators that enacted SB4 and refused to either pull that funding or oppose the new law. Imagine what 11 million Latino consumers in Texas would do with that information.


It was a good event and two days later a press release hit my desk back in Los Angeles with a lead quote by one of those legislators I talked to in Austin on July 19, the Honorable State Rep. Roberto Alonzo of Dallas. Alonzo announced that the National Caucus of Hispanic State Legislators was pulling its national conference from San Antonio and moving it to Chicago to protest SB4!


The announcement made my day. Congrats to Roberto Alonzo. Onward Texas Raza, onward!


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