Message from the President & CEO
Uncertainty, according to the Collins English dictionary is a state of doubt about the future.
Is there anyone right now that is not in a state of doubt about the future?

The current pandemic has heightened our uncertainty about the future – short term and long term. In the short term, parents are anxious about sending their children to school. We have to make decisions about online vs in-class education. What if we make the wrong choice? We may have older kids returning to their part-time jobs in retail or the service industry. Will they be safe? We may have a parent on a waitlist for a long-term care facility. Do we send them now and risk exposure to the virus or do they lose their place in line? Do we risk taking them to a grocery store or restaurant or do we leave them to their loneliness in their apartment? Which will be more harmful in the long term?

We find ourselves making choices between worst-case scenarios. Gone is the choice between good and bad, now we make our selection based on what will do the least damage. And we wonder, in the long term: what if we are wrong?

Anxieties are intensified.

Stephen Covey in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People years ago said we must focus on that which we can control, influence that which we cannot control and accept what we can’t influence. We can’t control coronavirus; we can control our attitude towards it. We can influence it by wearing masks, social distancing, staying in our bubbles; we must accept we can’t always influence others around us who may not be dealing with things as we are.

The right thing to do during this pandemic will be different for each of us. For me, it is about looking after myself so I can look after others. For me, it’s about listening, having patience and supporting others. No judgement; we all need to handle things in our own way.

The right thing to do is actually pretty simple; the right thing to do is to be kind. The world can use a little more kindness right now. 

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO
Proudly Introducing
The MCE Micro Series
Micro Learning at the click of a button!

You may have heard about microlearning, perhaps even dabbled in a few learning units for yourself.

Microlearning is is an approach to training using brief learning modules designed for quick consumption. They are built in chunks and short enough to keep a viewer’s attention from beginning to end. Timely and articulate, they are accessible when and where convenient.

You may recall MCE being named a recipient of a $10K Lifeline from The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Salesforce Canada. With this Lifeline, MCE developed an initial microlearning series that will enable us to launch, and respond, with training modules that address current instructional opportunities.

MCE Instructional Designer, Aisha Zafar, has been instrumental in developing an initial microlearning series on The Art of Online Learning, in response to the many organizations and individuals looking to make an impactful transition to online facilitation and presentation. This 3-part, easy to digest and learn series, can be viewed for free on our YouTube channel HERE.

We invite you to view our microlearning modules whenever you have time. We also invite you to leave comments on each video that you watch. We will be monitoring comments and replying to them to encourage dialogue or just to accept plain ol' kudos. This is a move to a new learning platform that both excites us and encourages us to grow more responsive to our client's progressive training needs. Keep learning with us and let us know what you think.
Were you aware of the term microlearning before reading about it here?
OMHRA is Inclusive!

The Ontario Municipal Human Resources Association (OMHRA) is going virtual with their Fall Conference and Annual General Meeting. And thankfully, we are still invited!

On September 23, MCE is delivering a live workshop on Inclusive Leadership for OMHRA members. Do you now wish you were a member? Don't fret, because the same great instruction can be yours on November 10 as part of our MCE Short Series.

Look to your right for more information and how to register. You can learn even more about yourself by registering for two other complimentary courses at a reduced rate.

Keep learning with us.
MCE Short Series

As a reminder, the MCE Short Series is a fresh look at three areas of leadership that require recognition, development, and commitment in an easy to digest virtual format.

All workshops are an hour long and interactive, using smart technology to keep participants engaged with the facilitator and other participants..

It's not too late to register for all 3 courses today. You can save $50 in total!

September 14, 2020
1pm to 2pm on Zoom

October 13, 2020
1pm to 2pm on Zoom

November 10, 2020
1pm to 2pm on Zoom
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