Monthly Newsletter | July 2020
Your #HealthyMinds Update
July is Minority Mental Health Month! Warm weather is in full swing across much of the country, and many families are finding creative ways to enjoy outdoor activities and stay connected to loved ones.

Encourage the young people in your life to consider what they'd like to do this summer, and help them think outside the box. Take a look at a few ideas shared by Dr. Ellen Braaten during our recent Ask Ellen Facebook Live Q&A.

  1. Explore your interests online. Take a virtual museum tour, or watch a documentary on a subject you're curious about.
  2. Find ways to serve others. Teach a grandparent how to use technology, create art for loved ones, or visit neighbors through a window.
  3. Create your own media. Instead of just consuming media, produce your own – make family videos, create a YouTube channel, or start a virtual book or movie club.
  4. Promote your summer business on the Internet. Spread the word online, whether you're offering virtual babysitting, painting, landscaping, or other skills!

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Monthly Mindfulness:
Guided Mindfulness & Compassion Meditations
from UC San Diego School of Medicine

Are you looking for ways to maintain your family's emotional health? Take a look at these guided audio and video mediations, and share them with the young people in your life.
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