Anxiety in Children -
What signs to look for and how to help...

Anxiety – or what I call “toxic worry” – is rampant among children these days. Ask any school teacher and she or he will tell you that kids are worrying far more than they did just a decade ago.  

These kids really do need help!  Read More
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Because I come from a crazy family - the making of a psychiatrist is in many ways a paean to the mentally ill and those who love them.

It’s scheduled to be released June 12, 2018. Watch Dr. Hallowell read the first few paragraphs in this video and

This book is ideal for fans of Dr. Hallowell’s distinguished work in ADHD treatment, fellow members of the psychiatric community, those who have experienced mental illness themselves or in those they love, and readers of all kinds interested in a memoir about finding love in a truly difficult family. A portion of the author’s proceeds will be going to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Read More
Dr. Hallowell's ADHD Family Camp
Glen Arbor, MI
Dr. Hallowell tailors his 30+ years of experience with each parent while kids (ages 8-18) engage in adventure activities with built in executive function strategies. This unique family experience includes location, staff, challenge, program balance, fun, and new friends. "Unwrap the gifts of ADHD." Book by February 28, 2018 and save 5% per order at
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Executive Functions: The Key to Personal and Academic Success
By Christina Young, M.S.Ed, LPC, ADHD Coach at Hallowell Center NYC

Executive functions is an umbrella term for a set of skills necessary for both academic achievement and personal wellbeing. Key executive function skills for young learners include: organization, prioritization, activation, personal and academic reflection, and emotional regulation and modulation — or as I like to call it — balance.

The prefrontal cortex is the region of the brain that primarily controls executive functions, and cognitive science shows us that the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed until age 25. So we can expect that all young learners need support to develop these skills. But the challenges are exacerbated for those with ADHD. Read More

Note: Ms. Young will give a book talk on March 13th at the Hallowell Center NYC. More details below:
Children and Teens with ADHD
Executive Functions at Home and School: Six Skills Young Learners Need to Succeed - March 13, 2018 at the Hallowell Center NYC -Join author Christina Young in a discussion that weaves together cognitive science and real life experience. Learn how to support executive function skills at home, and how they relate to your child’s academic success. Attendees will receive a copy of the book.

Middle School through College Coaching - M anage emotions, problem-solve, work smarter and conquer ADHD or Executive Dysfunction challenges.

 Parenting Children with ADHD - Dr. Hallowell and ImpactADHD join to help parents in these priceless videos with coaching. Get discounted version here.
Young Adults with ADHD
InventiveLabs continues its growth and breadth of program offerings for those who have learning differences such as ADHD. This week they are announcing their second-annual pitch competition with a twist – to qualify, you have to have a learning difference. And, they have Microsoft as a primary sponsor again this year.

Additionally, they are now taking early applications for their Fall 2018 gap year, entrepreneurship or career prep programs. Check them out at their brand-new website: .

Students with ADHD find Success in College
" Landmark College is the world's best destination for a student with a learning difference who wants to advance his or her education in a culture that has the experience, understanding, and skills to provide everything that's needed to build a rugged and reliable foundation for a hugely successful and fulfilling life." - Dr. Hallowell

2 day workshop designed to help students develop and practice skills to deal with some unique challenges facing youth today. At the NYC Hallowell Center.
College Edition  - 2 sessions - Saturday, March 3rd & 4th, 2018 -  Register Now!
High School Edition  - 2 Sessions - Saturday April 14th & 15th, 2018 -  Register Now!

New! Week-long Adventure Program for Young Adult Males with ADHD or learning challenges - June 24-20, 2018. Learn new skills acquired through specialized training disciplines similar to law enforcement/military and combined introspective workshops that highlight the struggles faced with ADHD/learning difficulties into the real world. Order by March 15, 2018 for a 20% discount .
Adults with ADHD
March 9, 2018 and Melissa Orlov meet couples in an informative, fun and lively discussion with food and drink and good company. Register at The Hallowell Todaro Center

Dr. Hallowell - Keynote Speaker for the Women’s ADHD Palooza
Dr. Hallowell aires at 1:00pm Eastern on new date - February 17th -How Can You Tell if Your ADHD Meds are Working? 32 of the world’s top ADHD experts to talk specifically about women’s issues. RSVP and Learn More Here
Teachers of Students with ADHD
Sanity School™ for Teachers was created to provide training, coaching and support for professionals who want to help all of their students do their best work possible -- even those with complex challenges like ADHD, anxiety, and more. The 6 lessons in Sanity School™ provide a clear framework for understanding exactly how challenges with executive function cause obstacles in the classroom, and what to do to address them.  Free Q&A Feb 15.
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