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Fall 2020:
Anxiety in Children
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Greetings to you at the tail end of summer. Like for many, it has been a stressful time and we are grateful to have so many opportunities for work with our patients, and to continue to teach and write on relevant topics in natural medicine. We are living in unprecedented times, which has us focused on how we can best help our communities and people we love.

I would like to highlight here thoughts about supporting anxious and worried children. The two pieces below reflect a broad range of approaches we have found useful in our practice. First you'll see an article Dr. Rothenberg wrote on Whole Person Health for the Anxious Child and then you'll find a link to a webinar Dr. Rothenberg offered on Calming the Anxious Child. We hope you will enjoy the different formats for learning.

We are moved and inspired by nationwide efforts to address systemic racism and take clear note of how racism plays a central role in health disparities. As we examine our own inherent biases and work for justice, we hope you are also able to find ways to contribute to making our communities and country healthier, more just, and inclusive. Here's working for a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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Whole Person Help for the Anxious Child:
Tools, tips, and coping strategies: a natural medicine approach
by Dr Amy Rothenberg

Bright-eyed, eight-year-old Jason was a sensitive soul. He struggled with anxiety and stomachaches, and that’s why his father brought him to see me. “I’m a big scaredy-cat,” Jason confided. When I asked what he meant by that, he said, “I’m really afraid of bad things happening to me or my family,” and he ticked off a long list of worries that included tornados, hurricanes, snowstorms, and other weather-related phenomenon. He was also afraid of getting sick, or of anyone dying. He was nominally fearful of dogs and other animals.

Featured Webinar: Calming the Anxious Child

This webinar produced with the Institute for Natural Medicine, and featured in Better Nutrition, is offered by Dr Rothenberg. She looks at anxiety in the context of the whole child and within the family dynamic. Naturopathic doctors have decades of experience working with parents and children to emphasize lifestyle efforts and gentle natural medicines for anxiety.

Recipe: Stuff Those Cabbages!
Toward the end of summer, I am inundated with a number of things: a list of projects I did not quite have time for, happy memories of swimming in ponds and rivers, and a few too many heads of cabbage from our local farm share. I have gotten pretty good at making all kinds of cole slaw. I now add cabbage to pretty much every stir-fry I make. And sometimes, when the mood strikes just right and I have a free hour or two in the late afternoon, I remember to make stuffed cabbage for dinner.

RECOMMENDED: Where we bring to light an organization, business, or product we believe in.

Smiling Mind, is a wonderful "non-profit web and app-based meditation program developed by psychologists and educators to help bring mindfulness into your life." This award-winning Australian company, is now used by thousands of individuals and in schools, companies, and organizations. They offer a wonderful range of apps for mindfulness in user-friendly, accessible formats and specialize in apps for kids and teens.
Lithia Basic for Help with Mood, Stress and the Prevention of Cognitive Decline!
Over the last number of years, we’ve been focusing on healthy aging and best practices with regard to treatment and preventive care. Lithia Basic™ is a bioavailable nutritional supplement designed to support healthy aging, mood, behavior, and memory, and resist the effects of stress by combining extremely low doses of bioavailable Lithium orotate with low doses of Zinc picolinate, Water hyssop (Bacopa monnieri), and Lemon Balm (Melissa officinale). The formulation is designed to take advantage of the response elicited by these compounds and plants at ultra low doses. 

To read more about this formulation please visit LithiaWorks.com