Ellie will heal the issues that cause you to be triggered around
certain family members during the Holidays... from any distance and for good.

People tend to have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and grief as we approach the holidays. Let the Pechet Healing Technique get you through the holidays without any more stress or triggers associated with certain relatives you are going to see.
Ellie has a success rate of over 93%. Her work is efficient and with a success rate of over 93%, know that you can expect specific, grounded results every time she works with you.

To hear how Ellie can help you get through the holidays stress free from now on, listen to her latest radio interview by going to her website https://www.phoenixrisinghealing.com/
& click on the pink " healing your triggers " radio interview link.

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., Metaphysician, Shaman, Author
Phoenix Rising Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing www.phoenixrisinghealing.com
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Black Mountain, N.C.