August 2016
Renew your youth and beauty with Dr. Tang's expert advice, and state-of-the-art treatments through Rejuvé. This month, we will be featuring Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)a new treatment in hair re-growth to restore beautiful hair for women. We also wanted to present treatment options to reduce unwanted belly fat, which is quite common as women mature. And let's not forget about gorgeous skin! Dermal Repair is a topical cream to hydrate and keep skin youthful. In addition, we want to reward our existing patient's with $100 off by using our new referral program for injectable services. Be sure to check out the details inside the coupon below.
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New Hope for Hair Loss in Women
 PRP featured on  Good Morning America
For women, gorgeous hair is worn as a crown upon our heads, making us look and feel more beautiful. We enjoy trying out the latest hair style, or the variety of ways that we can 'doll-up' our existing hair. But what do we do when our hair begins to thin...or we actually start losing hair as we age? 
Approaching the mid-life years can take a toll on our emotions, lowering our self-esteem. Much to our surprise, approximately 40% of hair loss occurs in women. Dr. Tang, being empathetic to the needs of women, has done extensive research to discover the latest in hair re-growth strategies for is patients. Fortunately, he offers an excellent new therapy called PRP (Platelet-rich plasma), which can stimulate new hair growth, decrease hair loss, and make your hair grow thicker.

Why don't you watch the video by Good Morning America from our website so that you can see the treatment and benefits of PRP for yourself?

ABC News Video 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)  therapy is a non-surgical procedure that requires no drugs or expensive ointments, but can possibly bring luscious results to your hair. PRP is a solution derived from whole blood that is enriched in the platelet fraction. Platelets serve as a reservoir for growth factors. When the platelets are activated in vivo, signaling molecules are released into the immediate microenvironment and activate receptors for various pathways. Only recently has the use of PRP been used for dermatological purposes, more specifically for the treatment of hair loss. View the clinical trial  that suggests that PRP could help with hair growth.
Once PRP therapy is started, new hair growth can be seen as early as 1-3 months. It typically takes a number of treatments to stimulate the hair to grow, become thicker, stronger, and more resilient to falling out. Depending on the cause of the hair loss, the treatments can last up to 1 year though maintenance treatments are recommended. Dr. Tang will often recommend a full blood work up to be completed to understand the underlying causes of hair loss so that it can be addressed first. These causes may include a hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, inflammation, and auto-immune diseases.

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Say "Goodbye" to that Belly Fat!

Jeans too tight? Stomach bloating?  P erplexed as to why your body weight seems to be shifting? You've experimented with your diet, tried a new exercise  regimen, and yet--your waste line is still expanding!  Many women experience mid abdominal weight gain during their peri-menopausal years. Surprisingly, women can start experiencing fluctuation in their hormones as early as their 30's.  
woman_s belly w_measurment

When the body enters peri-menopause, hormonal imbalances become more physically apparent. The decline in estrogen production by the ovaries is often thought of as the key change that occurs during menopause, but it's actually the decreased level of progesterone that causes many of the early symptoms in pre-menopausal women. Though the estrogen level created by the ovaries is decreasing, there is a greater decrease in progesterone production, causing an imbalance between the two dominant female hormones.

Estrogen dominance creates changes where body fat is deposited. Prior to peri-menopause, weight gain naturally occurs first in the thighs and buttox in women. However, when hormone levels drop, women tend to accumulate fat around the tummy because abdominal fat has more estrogen receptors. In addition, because progesterone loss is typically more rapid (compared to estrogen loss) during the peri-menopause years, it can also affect thyroid functioning, causing a pseudo hypo or low thyroid state affecting the actual body metabolism. As a result, women can struggle with extra, unwanted weight gain.  That's why it's so important to address hormone issues when trying to thin down your waste line. Unfortunately, without address ing  the hormonal factor during the peri-menopausal years, neither exercise nor diet will prove effective in removing stubborn belly fat.

You don't have to tolerate unwanted belly fat any longer. You can fit into those jeans again!  Call  Rejuvé at 408-740-5320 to set up a FREE 30 minute, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Tang.
How to Keep Your Skin Beautiful

Skin Cream
Dermal Repair
You've gained the wisdom that comes from maturity-Why not keep your skin soft and beautiful, too?
At  Rejuvé, we recommend Dermal Repair, an anti-aging cream created by SkinMedica. This ultra-rich cream intensely hydrates and replenishes moisture to dry or damaged skin. It combines the highest levels of antioxidants to protect against environmental aggressors with vitamins C and E, Hyaluronic Acid, and Algae Extract-an extract derived from a wide variety of plants grown in seawater and fresh water.  It helps normalize the skin's moisture content and provides skin-softening, re-mineralizing nutrients to the skin.

Dermal Repair can be applied twice daily to improve your overall skin. It is ideal for mature skin with sun damage, or for aging women who are trying to prevent the 'signs' of aging while keeping skin youthful and beautiful.

Is your skin changing as your mature? Not sure if your skin care regimen is right for you? Get personal advice and  call Rejuvé at 408-740-5320 to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Tang.

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Dermal Repair is popular with our patients because it delivers the highest levels of antioxidants and vitamins C and E, while providing ultra hydration to dry or damaged skin.

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