We have been delightfully overwhelmed with the interest our customers have been expressing over bread making. (Thank you to everyone who commented and shared their pictures on Facebook!)

The increase of questions around the art and techniques of bread making started at the beginning of January and the conversations continue.

“Do you carry proofing baskets?”

“What’s the best thermometer to use
when testing the temperature of the rising dough?”

What kind of bread loaf pans do you carry
(and why those)?

“What is the best cover for the bowl
I’m rising my dough in?”

“Do you have any of those … scoring thingies
– I don’t know the name of it…”

“How do you get your dough
to stop sticking to the bottom of the bread cloche?”

In this Newsletter we would like to share a few tips, experiences and pics from customers and staff that might help with your adventures in the world of Bread.

Rosemary: “I’ve been baking bread for 42 years now!”
“I find that I have better results with my recipes when I weigh the ingredients rather than measure them. Weighing is far more accurate.”

“I like to cover the bowl I’m proofing my dough in with the Charles Viancin Silicone Cover. It covers the bowl completely and works well when you want to take a quick temperature of the dough. Fast and easy – off and on. It’s reusable too.”
bread prep

“My favourite bread loaf pan is made by Chicago Metallic. They are heavy duty and make the perfect sized loaf. I’ve used every kind of pan over the years and these are the best. The bread pops out with ease.”
bread in pans
bread out of the oven
bread ready to slice

“I have two tips:”

1) To give your yeast breads superior lightness and volume, simply add your own natural dough improver ... fresh lemon juice ... to your favourite yeast bread recipe. 1 tbsp for
every 4-5 cups flour."

2) Diastatic Malt Powder – ½ tsp per 3 cups.
Diastatic malt powder is used to promote a strong rise, great texture, and perfect brown crust when baking bread. The active enzymes in diastatic malt help yeast grow fully and efficiently throughout the fermentation period. You can find this in IGA, Gibsons.
Pat – staff: “I’ve been baking bread for my family for 40 years.

Gathering all my ingredients:
1 Bread ingredients
"I LOVE USING MY DOUGH WHISK it makes mixing the ingredients so much easier and quicker."
2 Bread Mix
“My SILICONE LILY PAD is awesome. Saves using plastic wrap and has so many other uses.”
3 Bread cover
" The morning after. The SMELL is amazing when the lily pad is lifted. My parchment paper is prepared with flour for the stringy, sticky dough."
"The dough is punched down and shaped into a ‘ boule ’, getting it ready for the Dutch oven."
"The dough is dropped
into the preheated
LE CREUSET Dutch/French oven ."
"Fresh out of the oven at the perfect internal temperature. Using my CDN instant read thermometer makes it accurate and quick."
"Out of the pot and ready to eat ."
"OR, as I like to do, brushing it with olive oil as soon as it comes out of the oven, (do you hear that sizzle?) and a sprinkling of Maldon Salt ."
"How easy cutting really fresh bread is
when using the Wusthof double serrated Knife!!!
I gotta get me one of these babies."
Customer – Commenting on Facebook:

“…love the Lodge Cast Iron loaf pans.
They even work in the Bbq when the power is out!”
Lodge cast iron loaf pan

Jeanie: I really like the Danish Dough Whisk. It mixes everything faster, evenly and so much easier than a regular mixing spoon, and it doesn't overwork the dough in the process. I got it as a present and thought it was too odd looking to be of any use. It sat in my drawer for a year before a friend urged me to use it. Now I use it for bread dough and much, much more!
Dough Whisk

Bread Lame for Scoring
bread lame for scoring
Proofing Baskets in three different sizes
Proofing basket
Proofing basket
Silicone Loaf Pans
silicone loaf pan
Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

The Mason Cash Forest Cream Mixing Bowl is perfect for bread, cake, cookie, pastry and pudding mixes. This bowl is embossed with fox forest scenes inspired by folk tales of the mid-19th Century.
Mason Cash mixing bowl
Classic Superfast Thermapen

The fastest and best thermometer on the market!
classic thermapen
Escali Arti Scale

Measuring ingredients accurately
is a critical step in the baking process.
So, one last testimonial:

Ruth – staff: “I don’t bake bread or anything else in a loaf pan. I made my first “bread” when I was 19. It was banana bread. It came out of the oven so rock hard that when I tried to prove to a friend how bad it was I dropped it on the floor for effect, misjudged the distance and hit my toe. I still have the scar to prove how lethal it was! After all these years later I’m still intimidated.”

Bread Making Challenge/Contest

We’d like to challenge Ruth and any of you who may also be intimidated about baking bread to take our Bread Making Challenge/Contest. We’d also like to challenge all of you who have stayed with the same recipe for years. Try something new!

This contest is open to everyone and anyone.


Bring in a picture of a loaf of bread you made, a favourite recipe or a tip for us to share with the bread-making community. Remember to attach your name and phone number to it so that we can call you if your name is picked on the day of the draw.

You can also enter by posting your pictures, recipes or tips to our Facebook page.

The first prize is a $50 Gift Certificate.

There will be runner up prizes as well!

We look forward to
seeing you soon at
The Seasoned Kitchen!

Karla, Darcy, Ruth, Pat, Connie, Trish & Brit

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